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You know how food always tends to look extra delicious on TV and in movies? Well that goes double for Disney movie food. In fact, we’d like to argue that Disney movie food is, in some cases, better than its real life culinary counterpart. Don’t believe us? Read on, friends. Read on.


John Smith’s Biscuits from Pocahontas
Doesn’t this look like a delicious shortbread cookie that maybe you would dip gingerly into tea or hot chocolate?  But, if it were real, it would have been on a ship for literally months, and be horribly, terrifying stale. Even hot cocoa wouldn’t be able to save it. And that’s saying something.


The Hors d’Oeuvres from Beauty and the Beast
As a rule, we try not eat things that we can’t identify as actual food. BUT. This plate of appetizers looks downright delicious. In real life, tiny circles of bread just don’t do it for us.


The Cake from Sleeping Beauty
disney_movie_food_cake_sleeping beauty
Even though it’s unbaked, we cannot wait to grab a spoonful of this cake. Maybe it’s because we attribute the metly-ness to heaps of frosting. We love frosting. In reality, an unbaked cake looks both unappealing and slightly malevolent.


Everything in Ratatouille
For a guy with no opposable thumbs, Remy sure has a grasp on cooking. (See what we did there?) Everything he makes looks delicious. Case in point: this red stuff that we’re guessing is some sort of sauce. Its real life counterpart is nowhere near as velvety smooth. All we need is some pasta. Carbs. Just carbs.


The Breakfast in The Princess and the Frog
Why isn’t Tiana’s Place real? Why?! This waffle with butter and maple syrup could not look more fluffy, in fact, it look downright scrummy. (A combination of scrumptious and yummy; get on board.) The actual thing looks a little lackluster. The animated version is a visual feast!


The Honey in Winnie the Pooh
disney_movie_food_honey_winnie the pooh
Honey has never looked better. Bonus: the animated version won’t create a sticky mess all over the place that takes forever to clean up when you accidentally spill it all over the counter.


The Iced Rolls in Brave
In real life these rolls seem sort of dry and unexciting. But the animated version? Someone just hand over the entire platter. Immediately.


The Spinach Puffs in The Emperor’s New Groove
You had us at the word puff. Just delightful. And don’t they look steamy-warm and glorious? Bonus: Kronk baked these. Nothing in real life could taste as good as anything cooked by Kronk. That’s just a fact.


The Tea and Porridge in Cinderella
The word “porridge” doesn’t exactly elicit feelings of irresistible deliciousness, but this bowl of oats, milk, and sugar magically looks downright yummy. The real thing? Not so much.


The Bread in Aladdin
Riff raff, street rat, we don’t mind that… as long as you give us a piece of this bread. Real life bread does not come with a hunky street urchin, so the animated version wins.


The Sushi in Monsters, Inc.
We don’t make a habit out of eating things that look marginally like eyeballs, but for some reason we are getting hungry just looking at this sushi. It looks so much more exciting and exotic than the real life version. That’s it. We’re moving to Monstroplis.


We rest our case. Animated food is greater than real food and that’s that. What’s your favorite Disney movie animated food moment? Tell us in the comments!


Posted 8 years Ago
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