We Love Animated Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire is a multifaceted middle schooler. She is a best friend to Gordo and Miranda, older sister to Matt, and daughter to Sam and Jo McGuire. She also is a very wise and peppy animated inner monologue. First, a quick reminder of what she looks like:

Lizzie McGuire_AnimatedMoments_13

Animated Lizzie has a lot of admirable traits, not least of which are her orange platform sandals. We could all learn a little something from the many qualities of animated Lizzie.


She is wise. You can learn a lot by channeling your older self.
Lizzie McGuire_AnimatedMoments_21


She is resourceful. Reading giant books can answer most questions.
Lizzie McGuire_AnimatedMoments_1


She is a brilliant chef. Grape soda added to every recipe = professional status.
Lizzie McGuire_AnimatedMoments_2


She is mysterious. Wearing a trench coat instantly does this to a person.
Lizzie McGuire_AnimatedMoments_4


She is athletic. Let’s be real, can you successfully stand on a basketball hoop?
Lizzie McGuire_AnimatedMoments_5


Okay, sometimes she is forgetful. Mixing up the washing machine for a shower can get troublesome.
Lizzie McGuire_AnimatedMoments_7


She is practical. When standing on shiny gold, you must protect your eyes from the glare.
Lizzie McGuire_AnimatedMoments_9


She is crafty. When you want to nap and all you have is a pile of sand, no problem.
Lizzie McGuire_AnimatedMoments_8


She is graceful. Not everyone can look like this when free falling.
Lizzie McGuire_AnimatedMoments_6


She is tidy. She even sometimes rides in a bubble of cleanliness.
Lizzie McGuire_AnimatedMoments_12


She is a matchmaker. Who needs Cupid? Just call animated Lizzie.
Lizzie McGuire_AnimatedMoments_16


She is a lover of sweets. She knows an extra large ice cream cone can cheer up any day.
Lizzie McGuire_AnimatedMoments_17


Now that we have shared our favorite animated Lizzie qualities, do you have any favorites?

Posted 7 years Ago
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