Certain Disney characters would be a great addition to family game night. Others? Not so much. They each have their own unique set of skills, but some skill sets are better suited for the inevitably close competitions that arise when family members are pitted against each other. So, for some of the classic games, we figured out who we would want on our team and who might need a little more practice:



Best: Rapunzel – All those years with Pascal would make her a charades champion. Remember when she had an entire conversation about Flynn without Pascal saying a word? #skills

Family Tangled


Worst: Prince Eric – Ariel clearly conveys that she gave her voice to an evil octopus. We all got that, right?
Family The Little Mermaid


The Game of Life

Best: WALL•E – He may be a robot, but WALL•E is really great at life. He lovingly cares for a plant and alters the fate of an entire civilization while he’s at it.
Family - WALL-E


Worst: Kronk – He literally falls off the map when driving Yzma around, so we don’t think he’d fare much better on Life’s map. But then again, he’s really good at re-routing. Credit probably goes to the good-shoulder angel.
Family - Emperor's New Groove


Best: Perry – If there’s one platypus we trust to solve a mystery, it’s Agent P.
Family - Perry


Worst: Jack Skellington – He has a little trouble decoding mysteries. But maybe that’s only when he’s trying to solve things like the meaning of holidays.
Family - Nightmare Before Christmas


Go Fish

Best: Phil – Numbers are a key part of this game. And we know this hero-trainer can count. He has how many rules, after all?
Family Hercules


Worst: Dory – This card game requires memory and some number counting, so a short-term memory would put you at a disadvantage. But we know Dory would just keep fishing.
Family Nemo Dory


Mr. Potato Head*
*Technically not a game to be won but can still be judged on artistic merit.

Best: The toy itself. Obviously. Or his wife who goes the prepared route. Who knows when you’ll need your angry eyes.
Family Toy Story


Worst: Darla – She has a rough-and-tumble way of playing with things which may not be conducive to the fine art of assembling Mr. Potato Head.
Family Finding Nemo


Best: Dash Parr – He’s fast and mischievous, a perfect combination for a game about stealing spoons while no one’s looking.
Family The Incredibles


Worst: Winnie the Pooh – He would probably take the spoon to the nearest pot of honey.
Family Winnie the Pooh



Best: The fish from Finding Nemo – With talent like theirs, it wouldn’t even be fair. Unless they were up against Etch A Sketch from Toy Story. Now that would be quite the Pictionary duel.
Family Finding Nemo


Worst: The artist who draws Flynn’s “Wanted” posters. If they can’t get his nose right, what can they draw?
Family Tangled


Best: Rafiki – All he has to do is start with “asante sana squash banana.” Let’s see how far that one gets around the circle (of life).
Family Lion King


Worst: Donald – He would quack everyone up with his pronunciations.
Family Donald Duck


Hide & Seek
Best: Randall – He would be scary good at this game.
Family Monsters Inc.


Worst: Fozzie Bear – Never one to miss an opportunity, Fozzie would probably give his position away with a well-timed joke.
Family The Muppets
Wocka! Wocka!

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