Let’s Review Why The Princess Diaries Was the Best

Let’s step back to the year 2001. Things were happening, guys. (Disney California Adventure and Downtown Disney opened at Disneyland, Alias came out on ABC, and Monsters, Inc. was released.) But one of the most important events of 2001 was the release of The Princess Diaries. How could you not fall in love with this fairy tale where a teenage girl finds out that she’s a princess? (Seriously. It’s kind of our dream.)


Mia Thermopolis lived in a converted San Francisco firehouse. With a firepole. She also did normal teenage girl things like put pore strips on her nose. We love it.

Princess Diaries 8


Mia had a really awesome best friend named Lilly who was that cool, alternative kid that we all wanted to be in high school. She totally spoke her mind and didn’t care what people thought about her. Also, we have no problem admitting that we seriously coveted that sweet otter backpack.

Princess Diaries 25


Mia also went to school with Lana Thomas, played by Mandy Moore. Lana was… not the nicest person. (But it’s okay, we bet Mandy is super nice in real life because she went on to be RAPUNZEL. How can you not love that? WE LOVE YOU MANDY.)

Princess Diaries 24


The movie really got moving when we discovered that Mia was actually a princess, and the only legal heir to the Genovian throne. This fabulous principal holding up Mia on the front page of the paper also happened to wind up being one of the stars of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. (We know. Shut. Up.)

Princess Diaries 21


Mia was next in line for the throne after this lady: the absolutely flawless Queen Clarisse Renaldi, played by the fabulous Julie Andrews. We can’t even begin to put how much we loved the Queen into words. (Plus she had that riveting flirtation with Joseph the bodyguard.)

Princess Diaries 28


Also, this film has a super epic makeover montage that you have to see to believe.



Princess Diaries 22



Princess Diaries 12


After that, the world was in on the secret. Mia’s cover was blown and the whole city discovered that she was heir to the Genovian throne. All of the popular kids who didn’t give her the time of day pretended to be Mia’s best friends (jerks).

Princess Diaries 2


Then some stuff happens where the popular kids totally trick her and she has a falling out with her best friend and kisses the wrong person and then the right person does a super sweet thing and she goes to a fancy party. But what’s really important is Mia in this fabulous dress.

Princess Diaries 30


And this one. Oh gosh, this one.

Princess Diaries 27


Okay, we got a little off track. The important thing is – this movie is utterly fantastic. Mia learns a bunch of super important lessons, she finally accepts princess-hood, and then… her foot pops (you know what we’re talking about).


We love it. You love it. We all love it.


P.S. This makes the movie even better, it was directed by Garry Marshall and produced by Whitney Houston. Sold.

Princess Diaries 4

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