Be Nice to Your Sister Today

Today is National Sisters Day, so high five to all the sisters out there. Being a sister isn’t always easy… you have to share stuff, watch little siblings (or deal with older siblings), and sometimes do things like save your family from pirates or omnidroids. Whether you have a sister, are a sister, or happen to be one of the super great Disney sisters we’re about to mention, this post goes out to you:


Anna and Elsa
Frozen’s two sisters may not always see eye-to-eye, but these two polar opposites have an incredibly strong sisterly bond (and shared love of braids). Anna longs to reconnect with Elsa, and after Elsa’s powers trigger an eternal winter, Anna is determined to save her sister, and the kingdom.


Lilo and Nani
These surfing sisters may get on each other’s nerves. As in, they wish each other were rabbits sometimes. But Lilo knows she can always count on Nani for two dollars to buy an alien puppy. That’s ‘ohana for you.


Wendy is a nearly-perfect sister. (We have no evidence that she’s not 100% perfect, but who is?) She’s helpful, protective, articulate, and, most importantly, she loves telling her brothers stories and encouraging their imaginations. Side note: She’s not bad in battle–she’s the one who realizes that Hook is trying to trick Peter Pan by convincing him to fight without flying.


Thumper’s Sisters
They’re just so stinkin’ cute, we can even handle it. They clearly adore their brother and love following him and Bambi around the forest.


Being able to get along with that many siblings means this girl is pretty legit.


Does Violet sometimes fight with Dash? Yes. Does she ultimately save his life by reminding him to run and using her force field to protect him? Yes. She is one hero of a big sister, even if Dash can’t see it sometimes (wink).


Ariel’s Sisters
We don’t see a lot of these girls, but Ariel’s sisters—Attina, Aquata, Arista, Adella, Andrina, and Alana—are pretty great. They’re decent vocalists and we think they are pretty well-behaved (they are scandalized when Ariel misses the concert). Also, they were the first to notice—rather astutely, might we add—that Ariel was in love.


Chaca is not the most well-known sister in the Disney universe, but she deserves some great-sister attention. First of all, her hairstyle is rockin’. (Having a cool-looking older sister never hurt anyone.) She sometimes competes with her brother for attention, but she has great things to show off, like a loose tooth.


Chaca's Loose Tooth GIF


She is also an integral part of the story: by distracting Yzma and Kronk, she and her family helped Pacha and Kuzco escape. Clutch moves, party of one.


Merida is one of the only sisters we can think of who was willing to give her dessert away to her younger siblings. She is sort of responsible for those younger siblings turning into wee bears… but we’ll go ahead and give her an out since she was eventually able to learn from her mistakes, mend the bond, and have everything turn out right.


Drizella and Anastasia
Okay, hear us out on this one. Drizella and Anastasia were incredibly terrible sisters. BUT. If they hadn’t ripped Cinderella’s dress, maybe they wouldn’t have triggered a series of events that led to Cinderella winding up with her handsome prince.


Marie is a sweet, loving sister, although Berlioz and Toulouse get on her nerves sometimes. Ever the (almost) perfect lady, Marie left us with this gem on dealing with brothers: “Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them.”


Tinker Bell and Periwinkle

When Tink and Peri’s wings start going all sparkly around each other, they learn that they’re sisters. But the wings aren’t just for show. When these fairy sisters get in some tough spots, they experience the healing power of their wings and of family.

Posted 8 years Ago
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