Fancy Pants Disney Tea Party Wish List

We heart a good tea party. What’s not to love? Little triangular sandwiches, all sorts of delightful pastries, holding our pinkies up whilst sipping the steaming hot brew of a forgotten age, general merriment, a tad of gossiping. Tea parties are just plain classy. The only thing that could make a great tea party even greater? If our favorite Disney tea party attendees could join us! So pull up a chair, tuck a napkin daintily into your blouse, and take a look at our dream tea party wish list.


Mrs. Potts
Why would we ever serve tea from another pot? She’s british and grandmother-like, two great additions to any proper tea party.


Uncle Albert
He loves to laugh, and we like a lively party. He also knows a man with a wooden leg named Smith, so that’s a conversation starter right there.


This is a pretty impressive party trick. Cinderella would also be super nice to the other guests so that no one would feel left out. Yeah, we think about these things. We’re great hosts.


Mulan would bring all the force of a raging fire to our tea party. Not actual fire, you understand, just its force, which is its best asset if you ask us.


What Mrs. Potts supplies in class, Chip would supply in sass. Also, we’re inviting Maurice for a possible invention show and tell.


So she may not know the many subtleties of tea party etiquette. So what? Ariel can blow smoke out of this snarfblat to her heart’s content. Mostly because we want to chat hair care; how does she get that awesome bounce in her bangs?


Anita Radcliffe
Doesn’t she just look like she’s that special kind of effortless chic? Having her at our tea party would increase its street cred. Important.


Mary Poppins and Bert


Jane Porter
Jane is smart. Every tea party needs someone to lead important conversations about science and art and things like that. We also feel like she could handle Uncle Albert’s tendency to talk over people. She’s not afraid to slap people right in the face.


Everyone in Alice in Wonderland
You didn’t think we’d leave out what is possibly the greatest tea party of all time, did you? We require attendance from everyone at this table. It’s a very important date, after all.


What Disney characters would you invite to your fancy tea party? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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