20 Schwag Items We Nabbed at the D23 Expo

Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 of the D23 Expo are complete, so what happens on Day 4? We check out all our cool schwag, of course! We hoofed it across the Expo floor for three straight days and here are the 20 best items we got our hands on:


Aulani Tote Bag
D23 Schwag_9
Step one in schwag gathering is to get a bag to hold all your stuff. Check!


Pirate Fairy Foam Sword
D23 Schwag_1
Yo ho, yo ho a Pirate Fairy sword for us!


Fantasia Music Evolved Pin
D23 Schwag_3
There were pins galore this weekend, but this is the only one we found featuring the sorcerer himself, Yen Sid.


Mabel Pines Mask
D23 Schwag_2
Because who doesn’t want to relive their braces days?


Perry the Platypus Wristband
D23 Schwag_4
Agent P to the wrist-cue! (Bear with us, it was a long weekend.)


Oh My Disney and Disney Insider Buttons
D23 Schwag_5
Fans of the swagon, we’ve heard your cries… next time, there will be a Stitch button!


D23 Expo Buttons
D23 Schwag_6
We’ll trade our Sam the Eagle for your Statler and Waldorf. No takebacks!


Honda Asimo Coin
D23 Schwag_7
Take note, there is not chocolate inside this coin. We learned the hard way.


Disney Animated Collector Cards and Color Map
D23 Schwag_8


The entire 90 year legacy of Walt Disney Animation Studios all represented in one color map and set of trading cards. And if you think that’s cool, wait until you see the app.


Disney Home Entertainment Height Chart
D23 Schwag_10
It should be noted that Emily is 5.25 Robin Hoods tall.


Planes Notebook and Carrying Case
Perfect for logging all of our flights and storing travel documents!


Frozen Tattoos
These Frozen tattoos are the coolest! #PunIntended


Disney Princess Keychain
Finally, some bling for our (key) rings.


Wreck-It Ralph Stickers
We’re gonna stick ‘em… all over our co-worker’s cubicle.


Get A Horse Lithograph and Poster
Two amazing pieces of art for the price of one pit stop. We’ll be on the lookout for the full short in theaters with Frozen this November.


Blank and Bow
Technically not free, but fresh off their debut on the big screen at the Expo, we couldn’t resist buying a Blank and Bow of our own.


Oceanic Airlines Pin
The most mysterious schwag of all? We didn’t discover this Oceanic Airlines pin in our bag until today. Random… or another chapter in the LOST mystery? You decide.


Disney Infinity Sorcerer Mickey Statue
You’ll have to conjure up a magic spell to get your hands on this game piece handed out at the Disney Interactive arena presentation. Sorcerer Mickey isn’t available to the public until January 2014.


Which piece of schwag is your favorite? And for those who attended the D23 Expo, what did we miss?


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Posted 4 years Ago
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