Disney Things You Need To Do Before Summer Is Over

We don’t want to be those people who are reminding you that seasons are finite and the flow of time is unstoppable, so instead we’ll just say that PERHAPS it will be getting a little cooler soon and MAYBE you want to make the most of the summer months while you still can. No pressure or anything, just a friendly reminder. So that you might carpe summer as best you can, here are some Disney things you need to do before summer is less summer and more like fall.


Cool Off With Your Favorite Disney Dessert

Disney Summer Dole Whip
Here are some great options, and all their relevant stats that will help you decide which one to choose.


Go On The Splashy Rides

Disney Summer Grizzly River Run
We’re talking Splash Mountain, Grizzly River Run, etc.


Go On A Disney-Themed Road Trip

Disney Summer Lightning McQueen and Sally from Cars

Maybe it’s a road trip to a Disney Park, maybe it’s a road trip wherein all road trip games are Disney-themed, but either way, this is the summer playlist you need to listen to.


Watch Lilo & Stitch

Disney Summer Lilo & Stitch
Okay, okay, you can do this any time of year, and we hope you do. But there’s something about watching a movie filled with hula dancing and surfing during the summer that just feels right.


Fly A Kite, While Singing “Let’s Go Fly A Kite”

Disney Summer Let's Go Fly a Kite Mary Poppins
Bonus points if it’s a Disney-themed kite.


Play in Princess Dot Puddle Park

Disney Summer Dot's Puddle Park
Doesn’t matter how big you are, it’s still fun to run around, screaming, wondering which fountain is going to spray you next.


See Mike and Sulley In Their Monsters University Gear

Disney Summer Mike and Sulley at Disneyland
Mike and Sulley are all dressed up for college at the Parks right now for Monstrous Summer. Make sure you get your picture with them before Monstrous Summer ends at the end of August! Sulley’s jacket is gigantic.


Do An Outdoor Workout, Inspired By Phil

Disney Summer Hercules Phil and Pegasus

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t particularly love exercising (a.k.a. a human being), then maybe adding a little Disney motivation to your workout might help you go the distance. Plus, there’s only so much time left to get fit outside, so get started.


Go On The Haunted Mansion Before It Gets Its Nightmare Before Christmas Makeover

Disney Summer The Haunted Mansion
We sometimes stay up nights, trying to decide if we like the traditional Haunted Mansion decor more, or the Nightmare Before Christmas, Haunted Mansion Holiday makeover the ride gets every year at Disneyland. They’re both just so good. BUT, if you happen to be a traditionalist, then consider this your friendly reminder that they’ll be making the switch in the fall!


See World of Color…

Disney Summer World of Color
Before it turns into World of Color – Winter Dreams which will be awesome and magical, but you might want to squeeze in one more traditional run of the show before it makes the switch!


Posted 4 years Ago
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