The Perks of Being a Princess

Being a princess seems pretty legit. We’re sure like any other job it has its ups and downs (no early retirement options, ball gowns can be pretty heavy, your boss is probably your mom, your dad or your in-laws, people expect you to be nice all the time, etc).  But on the flip side, there are some truly excellent perks. Let’s take a gander at some of the advantages of being young, female, and Disney royalty.


Personal Theme Songs
We want a theme song! We might not have a tale as old as time, but we feel like we have a tale from a few weeks ago that’s fairly epic.


Lots of Closet Space
How many wonders can one closet hold? A lot if you’re a princess.


Magical Dress Transformation Moments
We cannot tell you how many mornings we’ve stared into the mirror in desperate need of outfit inspiration. Why don’t we have a fairy godmother with great fashion instincts and dramatic flair?


Pet Tigers
We’re pretty sure us normals aren’t allowed to have pet tigers. Boo.


Personal Tapestries

We’ve always wanted to be immortalized via wall carpet.


Animal BFFs
What is it about being a princess that screams, “my best friend is an animal”? Maybe it’s all the frolicking in the woods?


Is there a better accessory? We’ve yet to find one.


Snow White’s lips are always perfectly ruby red and yet she never has to reapply makeup. It’s like her mouth knows she’s a princess.


That Special Je Ne Sais Quoi
Mulan is as mysterious as the dark side of the moon for a lot of her movie (cough cough, she’s a girl). That’s intriguing and makes her not-so-mysteriously awesome.


Spontaneous Dance Numbers
We’d appreciate a random act of dancing in our lives once in awhile.


Hair that Defies the Elements
This is NOT what our hair looks like when it’s windy outside.


Pretty great perks, right? We could get used to this princess thing.

Posted 4 years Ago
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