Disney Animals Who Forgot How To Animal

Ever notice how Disney animals act more like humans than animals? IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. Hey animals, time to calm down and just animal like you’re supposed to, leave the humaning to us.


Hey, Abu, why are you so awe-struck by that jewel? You are a monkey, you don’t need riches and gold and currency. Also, take off that hat, hats are for humans.

Disney animals abu from Aladdin


Berlioz, you are a cat! The internet is no place for cats to play on keyboards!

Disney animals Berlioz from The Aristocats


Mice wearing dresses, making dresses. What is this, a Disney movie? Oh.

Disney animals Mice from Cinderella


Birds, don’t act like just because you are wearing little hats that you can actually measure things with a measuring tape. Go back to your seed pecking, birds.

Disney animals Cinderella


Donald, we love you, but you are a duck. The way you make music is to open your mouth and say “quack.”

Disney animals Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse


This is a guy, turned into a llama, disguised as a lady. And this llama lady is grossed out by bugs. Excuse me Kuzco, but you’re a llama. Calm down, enjoy your bug lunch.

Disney animals Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove


Oh hi, Hyacinth. Last we checked, you were a hippopotamus, and hippos don’t ballet dance, they hide in ponds and make cute faces. You are only doing it half right.

Disney animals Hyacinth Hippo Fantasia


Ostriches know nothing of cornucopias!

Disney animals Ostrich from Fantasia


We detect a mouse who has forgotten how to mouse!

Disney animals Basil from The Great Mouse Detective


Scar, how have you managed to harbor a grudge AND rally a vengeful army? You are a lion, and not even an alpha lion. Go back to doing lion things, save the spiteful plots for the humans.

Disney animals Scar fromt he Lion King


Clearly this hyena playing a makeshift xylophone didn’t get the memo about how animals don’t usually take to impromptu percussion.

Disney animals The Lion King Be Prepared


Oh Sebastian the crab. So serious, so stressed out, so busy leading his orchestra. Someone should tell him that he’s just a crab and his only care in the world is to shuffle around the ocean floor, maybe he’ll get to chill out.

Disney animals Sebastian from The Little Mermaid


Nana, you are a canine, you do not possess the skills required to administer any type of medicinal remedies.

Disney animals Nana from Peter Pan


Jiminy, you are a cricket. That’s why people call you Jiminy Cricket. Stop wearing spats and dishing out life lessons. Go back to making cricket noises outside of windows.

Disney animals Jiminy Cricket Pinocchio


Percy, we’re not even fancy enough for gilded bathtubs and frilly shower caps, and last we checked, we are humans. You are a dog. Bathe accordingly (not at all).

Disney animals Percy from Pocahontas


This is a whole society filled with rescue-focused mice who have forgotten how to mouse.

Disney animals The Rescue Aid Society from the Rescuers


Bernard, did you forget something? We can tell from that tiny turtleneck that you forgot that you’re a mouse.

Disney animals Bernard from the Rescuers


Forest owl, you do look very dapper and handsome, but a cape, a hat, and bunnies in your boots do not a human make.

Disney animals Princess Aurura Sleeping Beauty


Attention owls of the world: if you’re ever tempted to forget that, as an owl, you are incapable of reading, then re-watch Winnie The Pooh. It will remind you of your lack of literacy with a swiftness.

Disney animals Winnie the Pooh and Owl


Animals who forget how to animal in Alice in Wonderland will not be ridiculed in this post. There is a time and a place for animals to forget how to animal. The place is Wonderland, and the time is tea time, obviously.

Disney animals Alince in Wonderland the Mad Hatter Alice

Posted 6 years Ago
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