Everything We Need to Know We Learned From Megara

Megara is pretty much the best. She’s sassy and confident and totally knows what’s what. Fabulous hair? Check. Effortless style? Check. Teaches us a whole bunch of great lessons? Check.


Right off the bat, Meg is super fierce. She very obviously could use some help from Hercules, but she’s all like, no thanks, I can handle myself. Because she’s awesome.
Hercules Meg 1


Meg shows us that it’s important to be well-spoken and have a full and articulate vocabulary. Like, saying “rippling pectorals” instead of simply “muscles” (great word choice).
Hercules Meg 2


Meg was loyal to her boyfriend to the point of losing her soul. It might have been a bad decision but hey, she deals with the consequences of her actions and becomes a better person.
Hercules Meg 10


Meg is really comfortable in her own skin. She just walks in, plops herself down, and makes herself at home. We wish we were this confident (and had this type of chaise lounge to relax on).
Hercules Meg 3


She’s the perfect example of an adventurous soul and teaches us that it’s okay to take a day off every once in a while.
Hercules Meg 4


Meg shows us that it’s okay to sing our hearts out. She just can’t internalize her emotions anymore and belts out a pretty fantastic song.
Hercules Meg 5


Meg is so OBVIOUSLY in love with Hercules–she just needs to let her guard down and be happy. So… she teaches us to be more up-front. About loving Hercules.
Hercules Meg 6


She teaches us to be selfless. Remember when she pushes Hercules out of the way to save him and sacrifices herself ONCE AGAIN for love? (We can’t handle it. Tears.)
Hercules Meg 7


Then, Meg actually follows her own advice and admits her true feelings! We’re so proud of her.
Hercules Meg 8


And then she takes a trip to the underworld but then she COMES BACK TO LIFE BECAUSE HERCULES SAVES HER! (Okay, that’s not a lesson, it’s just a great part of the movie.)
Hercules Meg 9


In the end, Meg teaches us to be fierce and independent while still leaving room in our hearts for love. We’re into it, and you should be into it too.

Posted 8 years Ago
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