Even Disney Characters Are Slightly Awkward

When you’re having a clumsy or less-than-smooth moment (as we all tend to do), it might be comforting to know that Disney characters are right there with you. They’re a little awkward too…


Lady has some door-opening issues.
Lady and the Tramp Disney Characters


Hercules has a habit of knocking things over. Big things.
Hercules Disney Characters


Goofy doesn’t sports very well. (And yes, we enjoy using sports as a verb.)
Goofy Disney Characters


Mowgli doesn’t “about face” quite when he ought to.
The Jungle Book Disney Characters


Lilo feeds her pet PB and J sandwiches. She’s also often late for hula.
Lilo and Stitch Disney Characters


Fozzie Bear laughs at his own jokes. (We still think he’s funny, though.)
Fozzie Bear Disney Characters


Kuzco makes up his own chants and accompanying dances.
Emperor's New Groove Disney Characters


This happens to Gus Gus.
Cinderella Disney Characters


And while we’re on the subject. This happens to him too:
Cinderella Disney Characters


Rapunzel dresses up her pet.
Tangled Disney Characters


Zazu flies into things. And by things we mean rhinos.
The Lion King Disney Characters


And, finally, a lot of Disney characters fall down.
The Lion King Disney Characters


A. Lot.
Mulan Disney Characters


In summation: don’t forget that pretty much everyone has a dash of awkward. Even Disney characters. (Full disclosure: we the writers of Oh My Disney have also been known to be slightly awkward at times. We’re pretty sure the people who watched us take all our Carouselfies would agree.)

Posted 7 years Ago
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