Twelve of Lizzie McGuire’s Best Outfits

Even when dealing with the many obstacles of adolescence, Lizzie always succeeds at looking her best. She may not have won Best Dressed in the Hillridge Junior High yearbook, but there is no doubt we would have voted for her.


You can always tell Lizzie puts a lot of thought into her outfits. Some days she has too many options to choose from.
Lizzie McGuire_First


Here are just 12 of our favorite Lizzie outfits (counting down to our #1 favorite):


12. Butterfly Printed T-Shirt Lizzie
Lizzie McGuire_7

Because… duh.


11. Royal-Inspired Lizzie
Lizzie McGuire_6

Put a crown on it.


10. Scottish Lizzie
Lizzie McGuire_12
Bringing kilts back, one outfit at a time.


9. Functional School Attire Lizzie
Lizzie McGuire_10
Books seem cooler in bubble backpacks.


8. Exceptional Floral Pants Lizzie
Lizzie McGuire_9

Bonus points for the denim jacket.


7. Aqua Lizzie
Lizzie McGuire_11

H2-oh snap.


6. Hipster Lizzie
Lizzie McGuire_4

Hat sold separately.


5. Golf Wear Lizzie
Lizzie McGuire_5

That visor is functional on and off the green.


4. Classic Lizzie
Lizzie McGuire_8
No comment needed.


3. Decade-Inspired Lizzie
Lizzie McGuire_3

Big hair, big bow, big attitude.


2. White (Wedding) Dress Lizzie
Lizzie McGuire_1

Did someone say bridal couture?


1. Diva Lizzie
Lizzie McGuire_2
Clearly the boa is why this one wins. At everything. The end.

Posted 6 years Ago
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