First Day of School Emotions As Told Through the Seven Dwarfs

There are many emotions involved in starting a whole new year of school. Most of them can be accurately depicted via the Seven Dwarfs:


First you’re Sleepy.
First Day of School Emotions_Sleepy
Because you’re not used to waking up on time.


Next you’re Grumpy.
First Day of School Emotions_Grumpy
The realization that summer is over has finally sunk in.


Then you’re a little bit Dopey.
First Day of School Emotions_Dopey
Until the first cup of caffeine (or OJ) has done its job.


After that you’re Sneezy.
First Day of School Emotions_Sneezy
Freshly sharpened pencils often lead to that result.


Then you’re Bashful.
First Day of School Emotions_Bashful
Making new friends is sometimes intimidating.


Once you’ve warmed up, you’re Doc.
First Day of School Emotions_Doc
Your first class is in session and you get the feeling that you need to get down to business.


Finally, you’re Happy.
First Day of School Emotions_Happy
You remembered the subjects you like in school, you’ve gotten to see your friends, and a whole new year of memories is underway.

Posted 4 years Ago
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