Confession: We Have Disney Problems, Part 2

We basically have an endless supply of Disney problems; the crazy/obsessive/silly/amazing things that make us Disney super fans. We only scratched the surface with our first round of Disney problems, so we’re back with round two! Here are a few problems that only major Disney fans have.


1. Whenever we hear someone say “Mickey Mouse” we immediately shout “DONALD DUCK!” back at them.
Forever let us hold our banner high! (High! High! High!)


2. We’ve considered quitting our day jobs and becoming Newsies.
We want to sell ‘papes in super fun musical numbers about seizing the day and being the kings of New York. Open the gates! Santa Fe! Etc!


3. When we take medicine of any kind, we always follow it with a spoonful of sugar.
Revision: When we eat anything we always follow it with a spoonful of sugar.


4. We are tempted to do this whenever we see an old fashioned pipe:
disney_problems_2_the little mermaid_ariel_grimsby
We’ve never actually acted on this impulse, but we’re pretty much always thinking about it.


5. We REALLY want a pet tiger and are INCREDIBLY sad that we can’t have one.
We appreciate a pet who can rip the pants off unwanted guests while looking super cute.


6. When we’re on airplanes we go directly to the “Family Movies” section of the in-flight entertainment to search for Cinderella and Toy Story.
We are more than willing to field any disapproving glances from other passengers. If we want to watch Cinderella, WE’RE GONNA WATCH CINDERELLA.


7. We have more Disney mugs than occasions to drink out of a mug.
And we really like tea, so that’s saying something.


8. We’re disproportionately disappointed when our new Vinylmation doesn’t come with a cool hat or fancy accessory.
Our Vinylmation have spoiled us. We want cool hats. We want a fancy accessory. We want them now.


9. We’ve tried to step in the same river twice. It doesn’t work.
The water’s always changing, always flowing.


10. We refuse to eat pancakes, unless they are Mickey pancakes.
They taste 150% better and the whole pancake experience becomes more magical that way.


11. We’re constantly telling our friends all sorts of Disney trivia
…Which they may or may not have asked to hear.


12. We will wait, and let people go ahead of us, just to get our favorite car on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.
Toady, of course!


13. There is ALWAYS a Disney song stuck in our heads.


14. We’re consistently crestfallen when we talk to animals and they never respond.
We know you can understand us, animals. Be our friends!


15. When we get in the car, we tell our friends to hold on to their hats and glasses…
…Cause this trip to the mall is gonna be the wildest ride in the wilderness.


Do you have any Disney “problems” to share? Tell us in the comments. We feel a lot better now that we’ve confessed. We could go running, and racing, and dancing, and chasing, and leaping, and bounding, hair flying, heart(s) pounding, and splashing, and reeling, and…we’ve taken this too far. Again.

Posted 4 years Ago
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