Stars of the Pixar Original Shorts, Part 1

One of the best parts about seeing a Pixar film in theaters is the roller coaster of emotions that will inevitably ensue. Sometimes we feel all those emotions before the feature even begins.


Pixar plays a new short film before every full-length film to add to its already brilliant archive of shorts. They may be only a few minutes long, but they pack quite the emotional punch with a whole lineup of characters that we loved instantly. There were too many to pack into one article, so here are just a few of our favorites:


André – The Adventures of André and Wally B.

The Adventures of Andre and Wally B.
What a smirk. Wally B. is the bee (obviously) and André is the trickster who ditches poor Wally B. Possible redemption factor: André could be smiling because he knows he is a technological breakthrough with his teardrop-shaped body, quite the departure from the geometric shapes of the time. (While not technically a Pixar short, John Lasseter animated the film under the Graphics Group of Lucasfilm. The group later became Pixar Animation Studios.)


Luxo Jr. – Luxo Jr.

Luxo Jr.
Pixar is all about persistence even when it doesn’t make sense to everyone else. So it’s pretty fitting that the junior version of their mascot keeps at it to have a good ole playtime session. A bit of trivia from John Lasseter himself: the most difficult thing to animate was the lamp’s cord.


Knick – Knick Knack

Knick Knack Pixar short
This snow (globe) man is giving off a little crazy in the coal eyes but it’s understandable. He didn’t ask to be situated next to a group of sunbathing toys. And now he can’t join them despite his best break-free schemes. It’s tough to be a toy sometimes.


Geri – Geri’s Game

Geri's Game Pixar short
That’s the look right there that sold us on Geri. If you’re going to play against yourself, you better have one great trick up your sleeve to win. And it was all for the sake of dentures. Now that’s something worth fighting for.


Leo – For The Birds

For The Birds Pixar
The little birds aren’t exactly welcoming and they make Leo walk quite the tightrope (figuratively speaking) to join the group. So we we don’t really mind when the little ones are literally blasted out of their feathers:

For the Birds Pixar

Good form.


Tippy – One Man Band

One Man Band Pixar
Fact #1: This girl’s name is Tippy. Which is perfect since the musicians are playing their fingers numb to win her favor (and that gold coin).
Fact #2: Tippy must be a violin prodigy because she plays for two seconds and gets a sack of gold coins at her feet. Well played, Tippy.


Alec Azam – Presto

Presto Pixar
Alec Azam is one hungry bunny. We’ve all been there. Our stomachs get a little rumbly and there’s just one thing standing in our way to the glorious taste of sweet nourishment. In this case, Presto is more concerned with magician-ing than giving poor Alec Azam a carrot. Thankfully this bunny has a couple tricks up his sleeve to get his food.


Bambino – La Luna

La Luna boy Pixar
This just might be one of the most magical jobs Pixar could dream up. Bambino and his father and grandfather climb a ladder to the moon (if only it were that easy) where there are hundreds of beautiful glowing stars. This is obviously where the moon gets its light, so Bambino helps sweep them to create the phases of the moon.


Just watch this clip:

Posted 4 years Ago
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