Undeniable Proof That You Are Hades In Real Life

We think that you, dear readers, might have a lot in common with Hades. (Except for the whole God of the Underworld thing but hey, whatever floats your boat.) See below for our logic:


You deal with a lot of drama, especially in terms of the family business.Hades 9


You frequently get moussaka stuck in your throat.
Hades 7


Your hair just doesn’t hold up when it’s windy.
Hades 5


You’re adventurous when it comes to food.
Hades 11


Age-appropriate birthday gifts elude you.
Hades 8


You have a really sweet ride.
Hades 12


Your co-workers make your job twice as difficult.
Hades 10


You have a loyal dog who protects you and your home.
Hades 3


You enjoy a brightly colored drink from time to time.
Hades 4


You have a bit of a temper problem.
Hades 1


Your last-ditch effort never seems to work.
Hades 6


In conclusion, you really do have a whole lot in common with the God of the Underworld.

Posted 4 years Ago
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