Reasons We’re Looking Forward to Going Back to School

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year—back to school time. Getting new classes and teachers, making new friends, learning new scare techniques—the list of reasons for why we’re super psyched to head back to school goes on and on:



Monsters University Mike Wazowski

Walking onto campus the first day and getting that new school year feel.



monsters university greek life

Joining clubs and fraternities or sororities.



Monsters University Mike and Sulley

The chance to establish lifelong friendships with our peers.



Monsters University Mike and Sulley

Meeting our new roommates and getting all settled in.



Monsters University Mike Wazowski as a disco ball

Partying it up.




Going on field trips wherein students wander into other worlds but no one sustains any injuries!



Monsters University Art

The chance to meet new friends from all different backgrounds, walks of life, and fur colors.



Monsters University Oozma Kappa

Free cake offered to us by well-intentioned monsters.



Monsters University Mike and Sulley Oozma Kappa

Practicing our “scary feet” at the old fraternity house.



Monsters University Mike and Sulley

Chasing after six-legged university mascots!



Monsters University Mike and Sulley

Participating in relay races filled with toxic and potentially harmful bright pink spiky things!



Monsters University Art Mike and Sulley

Fleeing the authorities with our new best friends…



Monsters University Ms. Squibbles

…And enlisting our friend’s mom as the getaway driver!



Monsters University Dean Hardscrabble

Being paralyzed with fear by our revered professors!


You know, all that typical back to school stuff.


Speaking of heading back to school, see Monsters University, back in theaters this weekend, and then see it again and again on Blu-ray.

Posted 4 years Ago
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