Proper Etiquette Saves Lives

As the title suggests, this article is one in which we intend to prove that manners and etiquette have the power to save lives.


Case in point: Maleficent and Hades.


In Sleeping Beauty, things only go south after this dastardly dame doesn’t get an invitation to Aurora’s birthday party. She then shows up and wreaks havoc. And the plot of the film ensues… curse and all.

Sleeping Beauty Maleficent


In Hercules, much the same situation unfolds, except a little bit different. Hades fails to RSVP, comes to the party, gives a really unfortunately inappropriate baby gift (read: rattle with pointy things), and generally is a downer. He even tries some stand-up, which falls flat.

Hades Hercules


The lesson here, cats and kittens, is that proper manners are essential to any social interaction… especially ones involving large groups. Having a party comes with a lot of responsibilities. Chief among them? Making sure you didn’t leave anyone off the invite list. And attending a party also requires that you behave yourself. The alternatives can lead to hurt feelings and resentment and curses and kids being banished from Olympus to earth. None of these things are good.


Not convinced?


Let us examine what happens when proper etiquette is exercised and bad things do not befall those involved.


Case in point: Belle, Beast, and the enchanted objects.


Belle comes to the castle to find her father, offers to sacrifice her freedom to free her father, and ends up as a prisoner. Beast is less-than-calm when it comes to temper related issues, so he’s not inclined to care if she eats or does anything. The enchanted objects—specifically Mrs. Potts who’s totally clutch—jump in at this point and say that he ought to treat her better than that. They give her tea and get him to invite her to dinner. Obviously we all know what happens next: love and Beast turning back into a human.

Beauty and the Beast Belle


This is what happens when people take proper etiquette into consideration. Everything gets better, people fall in love, curses are broken, and everyone lives happily ever after. Even Chip.

Beauty and the Beast Chip

Posted 4 years Ago
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