As summer is coming to a close, it’s time to start prepping for fall. We know you might be sad to put away your summer outfits and pull out your warm sweaters, but we’re here to remind you just how wonderful fall can be. Here are some of our favorite activities to get you in the mood to, well, fall:


Make Rapunzel’s Squash & Hazelnut Soup
It’s her favorite, you know.


Take a Warm Bubble Bath
Live a luxurious fall.


Bask in the Sunlight
Then jump in a pile of leaves.


Eat Some of Tiana’s Beignets
Warm breakfasts are a must during fall. Side note: attempting to make these might not be as easy as Tiana makes it look.


Attend the Epcot Food and Wine Festival
Fall_Food and Wine
It’s September 27-November 11!


Take a Walk On a Blustery Day
winnie the pooh blustery day
Make sure you have a friend nearby to catch you if needed.


Watch The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Fall_Winnie the Pooh
Things you might learn include: Wednesdays should actually called “Windsdays.”


Show Off Your Best Cape
Warning: the urge to get dangerous may occur.


Wear Your Finest Burnt Orange Sport Coat #Menswear
Green trousers are a great decision also.


Enjoy Outdoor Games In the Crisp Air
Great time to learn how to play chess if you don’t know how already.


Recreate Snow White’s Pie
Forest animals make the best company.


Get to Work on Your Disney Halloween Costume
Start stitching, everyone.


Enjoy DIY Fall Crafts
Flik managed to make a functional bird out of just leaves and branches.


Daydream About All the Colors of the Wind
Also, taste the sunsweet berries of the earth.


By the by, if you still have time before fall officially starts, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to complete the Disney Things You Need to Do Before Summer Ends list.

Posted 4 years Ago
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