Today we have a whale of a tale to tell. It’s the story of Bubbles, the yellow tang from Finding Nemo with an obsession that completely occupies his every waking moment. Who can say if Bubbles loves bubbles because he’s named Bubbles, or if Bubbles loves bubbles and thus, that became his name. Perhaps we’ll never know the root of this infatuation. What we do know is that this fish seriously loves him some bubbles. And this is his story.


From the moment Bubbles sees the bubbles coming out of the treasure chest, it’s love at first sight.


He literally comes swimming around the corner as fast as he can, seemingly out of nowhere, to try and get to the bubbles as soon as possible.
bubbles_finding nemo_4
We’ve never seen a fish move this fast.


He closes the chest, saying, “My bubbles!” As if his need to possess them runs deeper than the joy he gets from seeing them.
Love is a tricky mistress.


When a plan is hatched to let the tank get filthy to facilitate Nemo’s escape, Bubbles puts himself in danger just to get close to his beloved bubbles.
Again, Bubbles’ love of bubbles runs as deep as the sea. (Really deep.)


As Gill notes, “fish aren’t meant to be in a box, kid. It does things to them.”
Indeed, it does.


And yet, this tale has a happy ending. Bubbles is able to free himself from his fixation and live a life outside the tank.
Big blue!


So what can we learn from Bubbles? So many things.
It’s great to love bubbles, but it’s not so great to let your love of bubbles stop you from living a full life. Also, don’t inhale a bubble if it’s green and filled with fish tank waste, cause, gross.


This brings today’s tale to an end. In conclusion: bubbles!

Posted 5 years Ago
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