Disney Villains’ Lairs Are Creepy and Impressive

Disney Villains tend to range from extremely menacing, all the way to somewhat ineffective. One thing they all seem to have in common, though, is that they have sufficiently terrifying secret lairs and hangouts. Even the villains who are a bit bumbling or sloppy (looking at you Madame Medusa and Cruella) still succeed when it comes to their creepy casas.


Scar’s Well-Lit Cliff/Cavern Place

Disney Villains lairs Scar from The Lion King

Not really a lair as much as a stage for one of the best Villains songs ever, “Be Prepared,” Scar’s spot is super spooky with its angular, jagged precipices and piles of elephant graveyard bones.


Ursula’s Cave

Disney Villains lairs Ursula's cave from the Little Mermaid
Ursula’s cave is super sinister, serving both as a workshop for her sea witchery, and as a graveyard for all the poor unfortunate souls she’s turned into weird shriveled seaweed creatures. Plus, it kind of looks like it’s in the body of some giant whale or something. There’s a reason Sebastian and Flounder are terrified to swim into this lair.


Cruella’s House

Disney Villains lairs Cruella De Vil's house One Hundred and One Dalmatians
It’s actually CALLED “Hell Hall,” like she refers to it that way herself. Just like Cruella’s name is CRUELLA DE VIL. Sort of literal naming conventions. But this place is seriously decrepit and creepy and easy for puppies to sneak out of.


The Evil Queen’s Dungeon

Disney Villains lairs Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
This place is the most stylistically perfect Disney Villain lair. Windy stone staircases, skeletons everywhere (WHO DOES THAT SKULL BELONG TO?), a creepy lurking raven, spell books, and a cauldron. The Evil Queen does not mess around when it comes to her surroundings while she’s up to no good.


Madame Medusa’s Old Steamboat

Disney Villains lairs Madame Medusa's Steamboat from The Rescuers
It’s an ideal hideout since it’s far from civilization and surrounded by crocodile-infested waters. Plus, the dark and murky bayou by night makes for a fitting Disney Villain lair ambiance. It’s sort of like Cruella’s house, but on water.


Jafar’s Secret Lair

Disney Villains lairs Jafar from Aladdin
Does anyone else think this place is quite spacious considering it’s a lair hidden on the palace grounds, right under the Sultan’s nose? Well, apparently Jafar has room for this giant pillared arch that surrounds some big ball of clouds from which he orchestrates his shenanigans.


Hades’s Underworld

Disney Villains lairs Hades from Hercules
He has a whole underworld to call his own, complete with a sea of lost souls and a TERRIFYING skeleton gondolier. Problem is, Hades sort of resents that he’s stuck in the underworld, so he doesn’t seem to be all that impressed with how awesomely villainous his digs are.


Yzma’s Laboratory 

Disney Villains lairs Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove
Again, how did no one notice a secret lair of this scale? It has a massive roller coaster that spits you out in full lab gear! It also has a pretty poorly designed lever system, but still.


Maleficent’s Castle

Disney Villains lairs Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty
Like the Evil Queen’s dungeon, Maleficent’s castle is just so darn fitting. Dark and falling apart, adorned with all kinds of scary statues and gargoyles, and overrun with Maleficent’s inadequate goons. It has just the right villains vibe for the mistress of all evil.

Posted 8 years Ago
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