15 Kim Possible Locations We Wish Were Real

Kim always says she’s a basic-average girl here to save the world, however, the world she lives in is not so average, it’s amazing! Here are some of our favorite Kim Possible locations:


The Possible’s Home
Kim Possible Locations_1

The whole Possible family is probably so great because they live in this home.


This Home with a Giant Pool
Kim Possible Locations_2

It doesn’t get much better than a diving board off the second floor balcony.


Villain Lairs
Kim Possible Locations_3

Let’s get something straight, we don’t wish the villains were real, just their high tech lairs. Don’t worry, we would use the crocodiles for good.


These Ancient Jungle Ruins
Kim Possible Locations_4

Maybe we want this to be real so much because it reminds us of Tarzan?


Chez Couteaux
Kim Possible Locations_5

Everything must taste better in this cliff side French restaurant.


This Fancy Airport
Kim Possible Locations_6

If only all airports looked like this.


This Deserted Island
Kim Possible Locations_7

Nowhere for a plane to land? No problem for Kim and Ron.


This Icy Mountain Home
Kim Possible Locations_8

You can check off daily exercise when you make this your home.


Kim Possible’s High School
Kim Possible Locations_9

Joining the pun club would be (Kim)possibly great!


Bueno Nacho
Kim Possible Locations_10

We also wish Ron Stoppable’s favorite nacos were real.


This House
Kim Possible Locations_11

Tennis, beach volleyball, BBQing, bike riding, and hiking all in one place.


This Ice Castle
Kim Possible Locations_12

Pack the parkas for this trip.


This Architecturally Pleasing Loft
Kim Possible Locations_13

When you live among the clouds, it’s probably a safe bet to say you are on cloud nine.


This Secret Bungalow
Kim Possible Locations_15

A floating bungalow nestled among waterfalls… enough said.


This Campsite
Kim Possible Locations_14
Look at this beautiful greenery (okay, more like purple-ry).


What are your favorite locations Kim has traveled?

Posted 4 years Ago
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