Disney Characters Who Accessorize Well

We’ve explored menswear and Princess style, but today we’re interested in the complicated world of accessories. We’re analyzing Disney character accessories purely for fashion’s sake, hence the inclusion of some pretty rotten villains. Let us begin!


Cruella De Vil

Disney characters Cruella from One Hundred and One Dalmatians
DISCLAIMER: We obviously are NOT referring to or endorsing her use of fur. This discussion of Cruella’s accessories is purely non-fur. In fact it’s anti-fur. Anyways, despite her self-proclaimed worship of fur, Cruella remains very fashionable, owed in large part to the way she accessorizes. She rocks fluffy hats, long red gloves topped with a chic pop-of-color turquoise ring, all like she just threw it on without even trying. And check out those signature red pumps that contrast her black and white ensemble but still match her car.

Disney characters Cruella's car from One Hundred and One Dalmatians
Also, check out her car; that’s an accessory statement in and of itself. If your style is able to go from head to toe to mode of conveyance, you really have mastered accessories. Still not into her furs though.

The Grand Duke

Disney characters The Grand Duke from Cinderella
This guy doesn’t get enough credit for his style. Sure, that uniform is probably standard issue, so we can’t give him any props for his dramatic shoulder pad choice. But he does get a pat on the back for his cool angular black shoes, extremely unique facial hair architecture, and of course, the monocle. If you are going to be rocking a monocle, you’d best the right hand man to the King, because that’s a tough accessory to pull off.


Disney characters Hera from Hercules
Not that she needs any accessories because she is just so glamorous and statuesque on her own. Life’s tough when you’re a beautiful goddess and whatnot. But she bezzazzles up the whole draped gown look perfectly for her magenta (?) skin. If you must wear a cape, make it one that drapes along the arm like that and is full of sparkles. Also, if one must wear a tiara, always use restraint. Hera’s is petite and compliments her hairstyle, doesn’t take over her whole skull in a “look at me, I’m a god” kind of way. Very elegant.


Disney characters Ariel and Eric from The Little Mermaid
It’s easy to forget that Ariel has a lot of costume changes, probably because of all the drama around her fin to legs, back to fin, back to legs saga. But, when she’s on land and has a few minutes to think about fashion, she’s totally nailing her accessories choices. Must be all of that studying of human stuff. She picks just the right dainty earrings and hair clip to go with that ruffly pink ball gown. Then there is the piece de resistance, the sailor hat she wears on her date with Prince Eric. Plus, she’s holding a baguette, the ultimate accessory. Fashion pro tip: always carry a baguette.

Mary Poppins

Disney characters Mary Poppins
This nanny had it all! A quirky statement hat, a cool tailored coat, purple shoes, a talking umbrella, and best of all, a giant carpet bag. Look at her little orange tie, sitting at her throat to contrast her blue jacket. Who else can pull off an orange tie and purple shoes? Only Mary Poppins, that’s who.


Disney characters Dodger from Oliver and Company
He’s a dog, wearing sunglasses, with a hot dog rope around his neck like a scarf. This is what an accessories genius looks like.


Disney characters Bianca from The Rescuers
Stylish mouse alert! Those tuft hats she has in every color for every occasion are impractical but so glamorous. No wonder she had so much luggage to bring with her on her rescuing adventures. Bernard’s not bad either with his hat, but it’s no color-coordinated tuft.


Disney characters Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty
Why does she have those horns? Doesn’t matter, they look fabulous. She also has one of the best staffs in the world of Disney characters, with a nice glowing end piece that she can swirl and do magical things with. The real piece that ties her somewhat understated, monochromatic (black) outfit together, though, is that signature ring and red manicure combination that every stylish lady can rock in real life.

Jiminy Cricket

Disney characters Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio
It’s hard out there for a cricket who’s tasked with teaching a young puppet to be a well behaved young boy. But Jiminy makes it look easy with his spats, cravat, and light blue hat. You can never go wrong with a functional accessory, and Jiminy has that going on with his ever-present umbrella.


Disney characters Jane from Tarzan
True, Jane seems to look even better when she gets more casual and jungley with her style, but we also love her fancy city girl accessories in the beginning of Tarzan. Lots of merry yellow with some brave pops of bright purple. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but hats are so hot right now, and if you walked down the street in Jane’s hat, you’d probably turn some heads. Also the gloves, any excuse to wear gloves is good with us.

Posted 4 years Ago
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