Happy 28th Anniversary to the Golden Girls

Fans of St. Olaf rejoice! On this day in 1985, the Golden Girls first appeared on network television. For seven years and over 170 episodes, we settled in for a weekly dose of cheesecake with our friends Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche. Who knew 50+ year olds (sorry Blanche) could be so much fun?


To celebrate the anniversary of the show that made these ladies into Disney Legends, Oh My Disney presents our ten favorite things from the pilot episode which aired 28 years ago today.


1. Blanche gets proposed to in the pilot.

golden girls blanche

The guy popped the question after just a week of dating… who could blame him?


2. Sophia moves in and becomes the 4th roommate.

golden girls sophia

Hilarity ensues for years to come.


3. This exchange:

golden girls zinger


4. This reaction:

golden girls hands dorothy


5. Rose’s amazing dance moves:

rose dancing gif


6. Headlocks = Hugs

golden girls headlock


7. This classic opening credits scene actually took place in the very first episode.

golden girls rose throw

Admit it, you’ve tried to replicate this exact move before.


8. The ladies had a personal chef…

golden girls chef

…for one episode only. He was dropped by the second episode.


9. Sophia’s accessorizing.

golden girls sophia


10. The most important lesson of all: “No matter what happens… we’ll stick together.”

golden girls friends


Thanks for being a friend, ladies. While you’re waiting for the next rerun to air, take our official “Which Golden Girl Are You?” Quiz.

Posted 4 years Ago
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