Disney Characters You Might Not Want as Your College Roommate

Roommate nightmares are real and they happen often. Let’s face it, some of these Disney characters would be the worst offenders:


Disney Character Roommates_Gaston
He would eat all your eggs.


Playing Cards in Alice in Wonderland
Disney Character Roommates_Playing Cards

They would paint a lot more than an accent wall.


Disney Character Roommates_Drizella1

She would do worse than borrow your clothes.


Disney Character Roommates_Kuzko

Be careful not to throw off his groove… or you could be thrown out the window.


Disney Character Roommates_Incredibles

Talk about a friend who holds grudges.


monsters university shedding
Taking the top bunk could help a little.


Disney Character Roommates_Belle

We never thought we’d say this, but Belle may have too many books for one dorm room.


Disney Character Roommates_Giselle

Don’t get too attached to your curtains, they could become future clothing.


Disney Character Roommates_Tigger

This kind of energy can be a little exhausting, if you’re more of an Eeyore type.


White Rabbit
Disney Character Roommates_WhiteRabbit

He is always late. Always.


Disney Character Roommates_Grumpy

This one is pretty self-explanatory.


Disney Character Roommates_Flauna

She’s a use-all-the-pots-and-pans-to-cook-one-thing type of roommate.


Disney Character Roommates_Cinderella

Better get use to rooming with birds and mice.


Oogie Boogie
Disney Character Roommates_Oogie Boogie

This roommate match may result in a bad case of bed bugs.


Dr. Facilier
Disney Character Roommates_DrFacilier

He simply has too many friends on the other side.


Disney Character Roommates_Ariel
Things could get a little cluttered. She’s got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty.


Disney Character Roommates_TianaBeignets

Trying to eat healthy would not work with all of Tiana’s delicious beignets. Say hello to the freshmen fifteen.

Posted 3 years Ago

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