We’re a teeny bit obsessed with Gargoyles here at Oh My Disney. How could you not love an early-90s cartoon focused on characters forced out of their time and comfort zone into a morally ambiguous world? (Okay, maybe we’re really obsessed.)


Besides being incredibly riveting and action packed, Gargoyles also has some pretty sweet quotes.


We could watch this intro a thousand times (and we probably have).
Gargoyles 11


Goliath is wise beyond his years.
Gargoyles 1


Remember emo Goliath? We’re into it.
Gargoyles 2


Truer words were never spoken, Hudson.
Gargoyles 4


Goliath knows the importance of loyalty.
Gargoyles 7


Remember when Elisa was a gargoyle? Yeah. That happened.
Gargoyles 9


We think Demona’s dreams are just a tad different than Goliath’s.
Gargoyles 3


Classic Xanatos.
Gargoyles 10


Hudson’s fierce loyalty and bravery is forever inspiring.
Gargoyles 6


Goliath is great at getting out of awkward situations.
Gargoyles 5


Broadway, you are adorable. But please, pick up a book.
Gargoyles 8


What are some of your favorite Gargoyles quotes?

Posted 4 years Ago
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