The New Frozen Poster Makes Us Wish It Was Winter

Walt Disney Animation Studios has just released a new poster for their upcoming theatrical release, Frozen, and we have the chills.




Here are our thoughts:


1. This makes us want to play in the snow immediately.


2. Why isn’t it November 27th!?


3. We can’t decide who is cuter: Hans or Kristoff.


4. How does Olaf detach his head like that?


4a. Can we please have a snowman?


5. We would like to become best friends with both Anna and Elsa.


6. Has a snowflake ever looked this beautiful?


7. We love the slightly mischievous look in Elsa’s eyes.


8. We want to give Anna a hug and then maybe we could braid each other’s hair.


9. We’re already thinking of ways to recreate this poster with friends in real life.


10. We want a snow cone.


Frozen opens in theaters this Thanksgiving and we’re counting the days! What do you think of the new poster? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 8 years Ago
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