What Your Favorite Disney Princess Hairstyle Says About You

Bun, braid, bob? Disney Princesses go to all sorts all lengths to pull off the perfect coiffure. And all these choices beg the question: which is your favorite? Because you can learn a lot about a person from their choice in favorite Disney Princess hairstyle. Here are some our thoroughly researched conclusions:



Rapunzel's hair
Beating out any possible competition in the hair length category, you accomplish a feat of epically long proportions. Just like Rapunzel, you don’t mind forgoing jewelry or any other accessories (even shoes sometimes) since your hair features prominently in any outfit you choose. Bonus feature: really toned arms from all that brushing.



Mulan's hair
No muss, no fuss is your style motto. With a quick updo, Mulan is prepared for whatever the day brings, anything from saving China to sneaking glances of Shang (admit it, you would too). You don’t have the patience to smooth every last hair. You’d rather spend the time checking something off your to do list so that you can get down to business…to defeat the Huns.



Merida's hair
If you’re pulling a Merida with long wild locks, you like to take the reins on life (and your hair). You’re probably really into: fighting for yer own hand, striding into a room full of suitors, and the ability to wake up and ride into the wind without needing a brush. Key words there: no brush.



Belle's hair
The quintessential answer to, “hair up or down?”, Belle knows exactly how to play it with perfecting the half-up, half-down look. If you’re partial to Belle’s style, you can pull off a princess-worthy look that will last longer than the tale as old as time. You also have a keen sense of necklines.


Snow White

Snow White's hair
Snow White has one of the fairest bobs of all, and it’s one of the only short-haired styles in the group. If you’ve always been into this princess’s look, you know what you like and you’re not sorry for it. And you simply wonder why no one else has embraced this nap-proof hairdo.



Pocahontas' hair
You like wind. A lot. In fact, you probably keep your car windows down whenever possible just so you can arrive wherever you’re heading in perfect windblown style. Optional accessories: bits of leaves and twigs plaited into your hip-length hair.



Jasmine's hair
Whoever said statement jewelry couldn’t be hair-appropriate? No one ever, according to Jasmine. And you too, if this is your go-to look. You are confident in bold accessories and love to show off the voluminous nature of your silky smooth tresses.



Tiana's hair
One word: tendrils. You either are blessed with curls au natural or you have very malleable strands that can be twirled perfectly into this perfect princess bun. If this is your favorite look, you’re probably a bit of a Disney traditionalist. You’re always ready to don that tiara whenever your prince happens to enter your life.



Aurora's hair
If you are a curl savant like Aurora, you let your hair down in all its natural glory. You spend a few minutes making sure it will stay in place (who knows when you’ll be swept off your feet by your prince), but you’re not worried if a couple strands have minds of their own. Giving your hair a little freedom to move while you dance is kind of your thing.



Ariel's hair
Ariel embraces her natural waves. It’s kind of easy being in the water and all, but she really takes it to the next level with perfectly styled bangs (that’s hard to do no matter where you are). If you’ve always had a thing for this redhead’s look, you’re a style maven and have no problem with rainy days or humidity.



Cinderella's hair
Cinderella’s style is simple and sweet. If Cinderella’s is your coiffure of choice, then you like a practical look with a touch of femininity. After all, when it doubt, put a bow on it.

Posted 4 years Ago
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