Life Events Explained by Disney Characters

First, you’re born. (Sometimes you end up as a royal baby, sometimes not so much. But you’re still cute.)
Disney Characters


And for a while, all you have to do is be irresistibly adorable.
Disney Charcters


This may be easier said than done, but eventually you learn to walk. (Falling may be part of this process.)
Disney Characters
Disney Characters


Before you know it, you’re running and leaping and jumping and flying (and twirling).
Disney Characters


And also talking.
Disney Characters


Then you start to learn new things. Like what friends are.
Disney Character


And how to read.
Disney Characters Owl Reading


And how to share.
Disney Characters Lilo Sharing


And how to be curious.


And what it means to dream. (Cue the music swell.)


And how to stand up for yourself.
Disney Characters Lilo


Then you grow up and you go to school. Where you learn a LOT about letters and numbers.
Disney Characters Learning


And you start to test the waters a little.
Disney Characters Finding Nemo


Somewhere along the way, you have some birthdays. (Which are really only official if you’re wearing a pointy hat.)
Disney Characters Pluto


Included in those birthdays is your sixteenth birthday. (Editors’ note: These ideally don’t involve seriously sinister sorceresses and spindles. But sometimes they’re unavoidable. If that’s the case, make sure you have a true love’s kiss headed your way.)
Disney Characters Sleeping Beauty Birthday


After that, there’s graduation.
DIsney Characters High School Musical


And college.
Disney Characters Mike


Then you’re apt to get a job of some kind. (Pro tip: When this happens, never ever forget to turn in your paperwork.)
Disney Characters Roz


And dating.
Disney Characters
(Sidebar: Don’t worry if it’s not taking right away. Things have a way of working out like they ought to.)


Falling in love isn’t always immediate. You may try a few people who are wrong for you.
Disney Characters Eric Vanessa


And obstacles are apt to get in your way.
Disney Characters Gaston


But along the way, you might meet a mentor who changes things forever. (If there are words of indeterminate origin involved in this, don’t get scared. They’re just conjuring magic.)
Disney Characters Fairy Godmother


Eventually you’ll find the one that’s meant for you.
Disney Characters Little Mermaid


And you get married.
Disney Characters Robin Hood


Then you buy a house.
Disney Characters Ellie and Carl


And maybe have a few kids of your own.
Disney Characters Lady


Or ninety-nine. (In situations like this, we recommend a dalmatian plantation so everyone can roam.)
Disney Characters Dalmatians


And after all that, you live happily ever after.
Disney Characters PATF
Disney Characters Snow White
Disney Characters

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