Imaginary Disney BFFs: The Modern Family Edition

It’s a question we ask ourselves each and every Wednesday night: Which Disney characters would be BFFs with the Modern Family characters if they all lived in the same universe?


Phil and Goofy from A Goofy Movie
Modern Family
Hear us out. These super goofy dads both love their kids more than anything… and have a slightly awkward way of showing it. For Phil, that means knowing all the lyrics to “We’re All in This Together” from High School Musical. For Goofy, that means a road trip complete with matching father-son opossum hats. But, despite these embarrassing occurrences, both these guys also have kids who love them to the moon and back. (Even if they don’t want to be seen in public together.)


Alex and Violet Parr
Modern Family
Alex and Violet each have their own version of the reserved girl syndrome, in which they’re bright, beautiful, and not quite so bold. Both learn that coming out of your shell sometimes can lead to great things, and that whatever your superpower might be (real or imaginary), you shouldn’t shy away from it. Also they both have that super slick, straight hair thing happening. (P.S. Ariel Winter who plays Alex is also the voice of Sofia the First on Disney Junior. So she’s royalty.)


Haley and Giselle from Enchanted
Modern Family
Haley and Giselle share three extremely important attributes:

1. Extreme beauty and focus on aesthetics.

2. Ease of making friends.

3. They may seem aloof, but there’s a lot more going on up there than it may sometimes seem.

Plus they could totally shop together.


Luke and Carl
Modern Family
Does anyone besides us remember the storyline involving Luke being besties with the curmudgeonly man who lived next door to the Dunphys? Good. Then we feel like this explanation is probably done. (Also, unrelated, but did you guys know that Nolan Gould who plays Luke is actually a genius? It’s true. Like, Mensa-level. He was also once on an episode of Good Luck Charlie. So there’s that, too)


Claire and Andy’s Mom
Modern Family
Claire is the classic mom. Super supportive (even when her kids are being ridiculous), slightly scattered sometimes, and extremely loving. Andy’s mom clearly fits the bill. Both these ladies drive carpool with the best of ‘em, but offer sound advice the way only a mom can.


Gloria and Vidia
Modern Family
One is a fast-flyer and the other is a fast-talker, and they both have sass to spare. Vidia hangs out with Tinker Bell and crew and has a rather self-assured way of going about her day and pretty much does what she’s going to do. It could mean potential volatility when paired with Gloria’s own stubborn streak, but when they’re on the same page, they would be an unstoppable force. With really beautiful shiny hair.


Manny and Lilo
Modern Family
Manny likes smoking jackets and only breaks curfew for poetry readings. We think he and Lilo could bond over both being wise beyond their years. They can talk about vocabulary and their families and friends just not quite getting their old soul sensibilities. Plus between his sonnets and her voodoo… watch out, world!


Jay and Mr. Banks
Modern FAmily
These two are both heads of families with a great deal of cache when they enter a room. But they both end up as sort of softies when all is said and done, and each (at the end of the day… err, movie) would do anything for their kids.


Cameron and Genie
Modern Family
A music teacher and a Genie walk into a room… and hilarity ensues. Of all the BFF pairings on this list, we’re the most upset that this one can’t actually happen in real life. Can you imagine the theatricality of this friendship? Epic. There would be coordinated dance routines and audience participation and jazz hands. Besides, we’re pretty sure you ain’t never had a friend like either of these two.


Mitchell and Marlin
Modern Family
Overly concerned fathers who would do anything for their kids? Check. Slightly neurotic fathers of children who love to break the rules (read: touch the butt)? Check. Heart of gold humans with secret everyday super powers (*cough cough* battling jellyfish or wearing a superman costume)? Check. Moving on…


Lily and Bonnie
Modern Family
When you’re little, it’s important to have friends who balance you out. You know… brave and afraid, rule-breaker and rule-follower. We think these two have both mastered the art of early childhood in totally complementary ways. Lily is slightly rougher, but Bonnie is kind. They can be the yin to each other’s yang and both come out on top.


Remember, you can watch our favorite Modern Family (sans their Disney BFFs) on Wednesday’s at 9|8c on ABC. Tell us, which BFF pair is your favorite?

Posted 4 years Ago
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