Mater might be a tow truck of just average intelligence, but boy does he have a lot of talents. Take a look at how Pixar Animation Studios transforms everyone’s favorite rusty truck for each of his Mater’s Tall Tales roles.


An “autonaut” tow truck in Moon Mater

Moon MaterMoon Mater


A modified drifter in Tokyo Mater

Tokyo Mater Tokyo Mater


A flying tow truck in Air Mater

Mater Air Mater


An alien conspiracy theorist in Unidentified Flying Mater

Unidentified Flying MaterUnidentified Flying Mater


An old-timey time traveling tow truck in Time Travel Mater

Time Travel Mater Time Travel Mater


A fire truck tow truck of action in Rescue Squad MaterRescue Squad Mater


A bulldozer fighter in El Materdor

El Materdor Mater El Materdor Mater


“The Tormentor” in Monster Truck Mater

Monster Truck Mater Monster Truck Mater



A daredevil truck in Mater the Greater

Mater the GreaterMater the Greater



A film noir detective in Mater Private Eye

Mater Private Eye

Private Eye Mater


A leather-clad lead singer in Heavy Metal MaterHeavy Metal Mater 




Posted 4 years Ago
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