Stars of the Pixar Original Shorts, Part 2

In short, Pixar’s original shorts are amazing. Each might only be a few minutes long, but they brilliantly encapsulate so many feelings: love, frustration, hope, fear, joy. They’re all there. And the characters are at the center of it all (and some great music and incredible animation too, of course). We already featured some of these stars in our part one of this article, so now we’re back with part two. And we love these guys just as much:


Red – Red’s Dream
Red's Dream Pixar
Red is a mini unicycle with a dream. He is the only item for sale in the clearance corner of the rundown bicycle shop where he lives. Red’s dream is to be a scene-stealing performer that takes center stage. Unicycles were meant for performing after all. He just wants to juggle, and our hearts melt when he realizes his dream might stay just that: a dream. We’re one short in, and our hearts are already full.


Tinny – Tin Toy

Tin Toy Pixar
It is a universal truth that combining Pixar and toys always results in a great story. Nothing is different with Tinny, who reminds us that a toy’s true joy comes from playtime. Sure, it may be a slow start in this particular case, but that fundamental desire to give joy to a child (or adult) is clearly there. And now we’re going to go hug our toys or stuffed animals, a few of which have stuck close by our sides all these years.


Jackalope – Boundin’

Boundin' Pixar
The jackalope is just the kind of mentor/cheerleader we could all use, especially the poor pink lamb. Once covered with a coat of remarkable sheen, the lamb is suddenly without sheen and without smiles. He is literally lost without his hair. Cue the jackalope’s wise advice: you can reach great heights, in fact you can soar if you bound, bound, bound, and rebound. Simple yet so true.


Stu – Lifted

Lifted Pixar
Stu is put through the alien version of an anxiety-ridden driver’s test. When you’re testing out your driving skills, all the buttons look alike. In Stu’s case, they are in fact all exactly the same. Poor guy. We’re not sure how he had a chance, even with a manual. But the actual test drive bit at the end? That’s all on him. He only had to go in one direction after all. Poor farmer.


Peck – Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy Pixar
Finally. A look into how exactly a stork brings a baby to earth: a stork flies to a cloud who magically whips up a little one out of thin air. And not just baby humans, but all baby animals, including puppies and kittens. It seems like a great job, right? Well, not if you’re in charge of the biting baby crocodiles and the electrifying baby eels. That job is left to Peck, who partners with the somewhat tempestuous grey cloud Gus. But no matter the challenge, Peck is too loyal of a friend and happily takes whatever Gus gives him, even a prickly baby porcupine.


Day and Night – Day & Night

Day & Night Pixar
Sometimes you don’t need a word to learn this lesson: opposites attract. And we couldn’t choose just one character to highlight here. With day comes night and vice versa. And when they’re joined at the hip for a little duo sunrise/sunset action, it’s a pretty magical moment. Magic hour, if you will.


Blue – The Blue Umbrella
The Blue Umbrella Pixar
There is an umbrella. There is color in a seemingly muted landscape. There is love. There is the fear of being separated from your soulmate. There is adventure. Summary: this short is heartbreakingly beautiful. Seriously, our hearts are breaking from too much emotion. Pixar, you win again.

Posted 4 years Ago
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