Disney Baby Animals and Their Real Life Counterparts

Cute animals are cute whether they are real or animated. Put real life cute baby animals with animated baby animals, and it’s probably too much cute for the internet to handle. You’ve been warned, cute overloads are eminent.


Baby elephants!

baby animals Disney Dumbo baby elephant


Baby foxes!

baby animals Disney The Fox and the Hound Tod baby fox


Baby deer. Deers? Deer.

baby animals Disney Bambi baby deer


Multiple baby cats, also known as “kittens.”

baby animals Disney Aristocats kittens


Baby hound dogs!

baby animals Disney The Fox and the Hound baby Hound Dog Copper


Grown up Rajah is pretty intense, but baby Rajah is cute!

baby animals Disney Rajah from Aladdin baby tiger


Baby bunnies!

baby animals Disney Thuper from Bambi bunny


Chicken Little and a little Chicken!

baby animals Disney Chicken Little


Mushrooms aren’t an animal but the ones in Fantasia dance and are cute, so here are some real life cute mushrooms.

baby animals Disney Fantasia dancing mushrooms


Okay, okay, we know that a Pegasus isn’t a real thing, so here’s a baby horse who has been Pegasused.

baby animals Disney Pegasus from Hercules baby horse


Baby Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!

baby animals Disney Lady and the Tramp Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Baby lions who can’t wait to be king!baby animals Disney Simba The Lion King lion cub


If that wasn’t enough baby Disney animals for you, check out an adorable article we like to call “Baby Animals Are Cuter.”

Posted 4 years Ago
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