He may be the wings that lead us into one of the most iconic moments in Disney animation history…


The Lion King_Zazu 2

But Zazu sure gets the short end of the proverbial stick in The Lion King. And we’re feeling badly about it.


He gets literally swallowed and spit out by Scar.
lion king gif scar


He’s the victim of the infamous pouncing lesson. (This is a combination of  “we love to watch it” and a “poor Zazu” situation.)
lion king gif simba pounce


He has to play chaperone for Simba and Nala when they go on field trips, which would be fine if they weren’t the ditch-the-chaperone types.

The Lion King_Zazu 7


Then there’s the entirety of “I Just Can’t Wait to be King.” Great song for singing into a hairbrush or imaginary microphone, not-so-great song for Zazu.


Zazu- River




He gets taunted by hyenas because Simba and Nala get into a bit of a situation in the elephant graveyard.

The Lion King_Zazu 6


He ends up serving as a source of entertainment for Scar, which is just the worst, especially when it involves songs that get stuck in your head.

The Lion King_Zazu 9


The Lion King_Zazu 10


The end.

The Lion King_Zazu 3

Posted 5 years Ago
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