Pixar is really good at emotions. And when it comes to love, Pixar has clearly mastered the feeling whether it’s true love for a friend or for the love of your life. Pixar gets that love is a very nuanced and individual thing, so it obviously has heart-meltingly perfect ways of showing this emotion. Because we’re in the mood for feeling all the feelings, here are some of our favorite moments:


Getting Tangled Up

Pixar Love - A Bug's Life
These antennae are pretty attuned to each other. Also, adorable.


Giving Advice

Pixar Love - Ratatouille
Cooking tips + Paris = l’amour.


Holding Hands

Pixar Love - WALL-E
Our hearts are almost as full of emotion as WALL•E’s expression.


Offering Good Packing Tips

Pixar Love - Toy Story
Can’t forget your angry eyes after all.


Straightening a Bowtie

Pixar Love - Up
Ellie could practically write the book on love (and adventure too). With this one caring gesture, she melts our hearts forever.


Getting (Hundreds of) Splinters

Pixar Love - Monsters, Inc.
When you have as much eye space as Mike, only true love for a friend could motivate you to get so close to that many shards of wood.


Earning the Ellie Badge

Pixar Love - Ellie Badge
All the tears.


Giving A Lift

Pixar Love - Toy Story
Riding that wave straight into friendship.


Using a Metaphor

Pixar Love - A Bug's Life
It’s not just an ant thing (or a circus thing).


Making New Friends (Especially When You Really Don’t Want To)

Pixar Love - Finding Nemo
Curmudgeonly clown fish can sometimes form the strongest bonds.


Being Generous

Pixar Love - WALL-E
To receive a gift like WALL•E’s means you are truly loved.


Cooking a Meal

Pixar Love - Ratatouille
There’s something about sharing food with someone that instantly forms a bond. And with Remy’s cooking, it must be instant love.


Giving Super Hugs

Pixar Love - The Incredibles
This family bond is pretty incredible, wouldn’t you say?


Sharing Toys

Pixar Love - Toy Story 3
And back to the tears. (But seriously, tears. In a good way.)

Posted 4 years Ago
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