Things to Treasure from Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet really comes through in the details. Sure, it’s a sweeping adventure through space with harrowing black holes and nefarious pirates. But if you’re not paying attention, you just might miss the really great parts of the film, some of which were too good not to share:

10. Joseph Gordon-Levitt = James Hawkins

Treasure Planet - James Hawkins
JGL plays the slightly rebellious and very adventurous Jim. He can hang glide in dangerous situations but is also genuinely sensitive. We love him. Clearly.

9. Spacers, Not Sailers

Treasure Planet - Spacers
That’s the official (and very cool) term for the crew.

8. Captain Amelia’s Sassy Vocabulary

Treasure Planet - Captain Amelia
She brushes things off with a simple “tish-tosh.” Her word choices are just as trendy as her clothes. But we would expect nothing less from a character voiced by Emma Thompson.

7. Morph’s Many Mutations

Treasure Planet - Morph
This little guy might just be the weirdest, coolest sidekick pet. He can imitate literally anything, which can be annoying if he’s mocking you or supremely helpful if he turns into a pie and thwarts an attack:
Treasure Planet - Morph

6. B.E.N.’s Hugs

Treasure Planet - BEN
B.E.N., which naturally stands for “Bioelectronic Navigator,” has been stranded in solitude for a hundred years. It’s understandable he’d be excited for a little carbon-based life form interaction.

5. These Space Creatures

Treasure Planet - Space Creatures
They’re technically called Orcus Galacticus. They look like flying sea animals, and they are majestic.

4. Captain Amelia and Doctor Doppler’s Romance

Treasure Planet - Captain Amelia and Doctor Doppler
As the Doctor himself would say, “Go, Delbert! Go, Delbert!” It’s just so cute.

3. Loot of a Thousand Worlds

Treasure Planet - Flint's Trove
Now we’ve seen treasure before. Piles of it in fact. But we don’t think Scrooge McDuck could even process this much loot.

2. John Silver’s Tear-Inducing Lines of Wisdom

Treasure Planet - John Silver and Jim Hawkins
“You got the makings of greatness in ya, but you gotta take the help and chart your own course.” We still distrust Silver at this point, but man, what a pep talk.

1. Jim’s Sartorial Sense

Treasure Planet - Jim Hawkins
We’re not going to deny it, we’re thinking Jim should be added to our list of eligible Disney bachelors.

Posted 8 years Ago
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