Ace Your Test With Help From Disney Characters

Tests are hard. Disney characters can help.


It all starts with paying attention in class.
Ace Your Test_Frankenweenie


Fun fact: you’ll never remember what you learn if you make a daisy crown for your kitten instead of paying attention.
Ace Your Test_Alice


Confused faces are normal. Books can be hard.
Ace Your Test_Belle2


Try holding them with the binding on the left and you’ll have a fighting chance.
Ace Your Test_Belle


Also, despite what this owl would have you believe, globes are meant for spinning, not standing.
Ace Your Test_1


While you’re learning, try to keep your badness level lower than your goodness level. If you’re not sure how, ask Lilo.
Ace Your Test_Lilo


Then, once you’ve learned, study. Studying, by the way, is what Mike is doing. Sulley is doing what insiders call sleeping. It’s hard to study that way.
Ace Your Test_SulleyandMike


You should repeat that last step a few times. Stare at what you’ve learned and try to memorize. (Yoohoo… Tigger… the blackboard is behind you.)
Ace Your Test_WinniethePooh


The night before your test, grab that eye mask, that totally in vogue sleep cap, and catch some zzzzzs.
Ace Your Test_Pooh


When you awake, breakfast. If you have a tiny dragon to assist with this step, then all the better. (Just don’t call him a lizard. He hates that.)
Ace Your Test_Mulan


Successfully accomplish all that, and you’ll come out on top.


Good luck, guys. You already get As in our book.

Posted 4 years Ago
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