Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel, Woody, Ariel, Maleficent–all stars. They are not who this article is about. We’re talking about the little(r) guys. Little guys like Squishy, Wiggins, Nana, all of whom tend to steal the scene… and our hearts.



Frozone from The Incredibles
If you ask anyone what their favorite scene from The Incredibles is, there’s a huge chance that they’ll say “Honey! Where’s my super suit?” Frozone is both super funny and super super. He hangs out with Bob, disappears for a while, has the best scene in the film, then saves the day. Not just a scene stealer, he’s a bit of a movie stealer.



Carpet from Aladdin
Without saying anything at all (no mouth), Carpet manages to be sassy and funny and pretty clutch. He (She? It?) doesn’t even have a face, but still manages to be an awesomely entertaining character that Aladdin (the person and the movie) couldn’t do without.



Thumper from Bambi
Bambi might be called Bambi after its central deer protagonist, but we just can’t stop looking, laughing, and loving at Thumper. He’s just so boasty and doesn’t know when to stop talking, stealing every scene he’s in with a wiggle of his nose and thump of his foot.


Pacha’s Kids

Pacha and his kids from The Emperor's New Groove
These two are tiny members of The Emperor’s New Groove cast, but they hold their own against bad guys like Yzma and (not quite a bad guy) Kronk. They have two of the most important scene-stealing attributes, the first being cuteness, the second being comedic timing. When little Tipo says “great, great, great” over and over again to emphasize Yzma’s advanced age, hearts are won, scenes are stolen.


The Muses

The Muses from Hercules
This brood of beautiful broads technically steal narration privileges from whoever starts out telling Hercules’s story. They quite literally interrupt his tale telling, take over from there, then proceed to steal every scene they are in. They are also an integral fixture in what is arguably the film’s best song, “I Won’t Say I’m In Love.”



Peg from Lady and the Tramp
There are a lot of adorable dogs at the pound in Lady and the Tramp, all of whom steal the scene in their own right. BUT, none of them have fabulous bangs and a fabulous song to sing like Peg. She prances around with those sleepy eyes and teaches Lady a thing or two about Tramp, her bangs accentuating her every dance step. Gotta love Peg.



Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King
Let’s just say that “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” is a song about Simba and Nala, but Timon manages to get his two cents in there as well. That really says a lot about his ability to steal a scene.


The Blowfish

The Blowfish from The Little Mermaid
He only has about two seconds of screen time, but you know you always loved this scene from The Little Mermaid when the blowfish went from tiny to HUGENORMOUS!



Wiggins from Pocahontas
This kid actually pulls of a prank right in the middle of Governor Radcliffe’s new world hissy fit. His dramatic “I… I… I made it myself!” earned a mental slow clap from audiences everywhere. Scene: stolen.


Who are your favorite Disney scene stealers?

Posted 4 years Ago
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