Things We Want To Do During Halloween Time At The Park

The title of this article really speaks for itself. And now we shall list all the things:


Take a picture in front of this really really really giant Mickey pumpkin.
Halloween Time_Giant Mickey Pumpkin


Watch Mickey’s Boo-to-You Halloween Parade. (We like any parade with a rhyming name.)
Halloween Time_Boo-To-You Parade


Finally have an excuse to buy another pair of Mickey ears.
Halloween Time_Halloween Mickey Ears


Eat all the desserts.
Halloween Time_Mummies


Halloween Time_Spiders


Halloween Time_Mud Pie Apple


All of them.
Halloween Time_Seaonal Cupcakes


Halloween Time_Minnie Purple Apple


Halloween Time_Orange Apple


Especially this Fried Apple Burrito (no, we’re not making this stuff up):
Halloween Time_Fried Apple Burrito


Take super awesome photos at Mickey’s Halloween Party.
Halloween Time_Minnie Mouse Costumes


Have an excuse to wear our Oz The Great and Powerful costumes.
Halloween Time_Oz The Great and Powerful


See our favorite characters all dressed up.
Halloween Time_Mickey and Minnie


Three words: Haunted. Mansion. Holiday.
Halloween Time_Haunted Mansion


Pop over to Disney California Adventure for a more savory treat… the Anti-Vampire Chicken Flatbread.
Halloween Time_Flatbread


Ooh and aahh over Happy HalloWishes fireworks at Walt Disney World.
Halloween Time_Colorful Castle Fireworks


Attempt to accidentally be there at the same time as one of our favorite celebs.
Halloween Time_Steve Carell


And, finally, add to our pin collections with these spooktacular items:
Halloween Time_Seasonal Pins


Now you’ll have to excuse us. We have Halloween to celebrate.

Posted 4 years Ago
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