Rating Scary Disney Moments: Halloween Edition

‘Tis the season to be scared, so we’ve rated some of the scariest Disney moments we could think of to add some chills to your day. Be warned: although these ratings are completely arbitrary and totally silly, these moments are legit. Grab a blanket in case you need to cover your face out of sheer terror. Put your glass of water down so you don’t spit out said water in a moment of fright. Okay, we think you’re sufficiently prepared. Let’s get started.


When Belle is Attacked by Wolves
This scene is seriously scream-worthy. It has all the classic scary symptoms: a dark forest, ominous music, Belle is alone, and these wolves are not interested in small talk. Scream Scale Rating: AHHHHH!


When Cruella de Vil Appears in the Doorway During a Flash of Lightning
cruelle de vil from one hundred and one dalmatians scary disney movie moments
The lightning! The darkness! Her face! Scream Scale Rating: GAH!


When the Headless Horseman Throws A Pumpkin Head Fireball
We’re not huge fans of fire outside of appropriate situations (like fireplaces, for example). We’re even less crazy about it when a man with a pumpkin for a head starts shooting it in our general direction FROM HIS FACE. Scream Scale Rating: AHHHHHH!


When Oogie Boogie Sings his Song
Oogie Boogie has some sort of gaming room of terror complete with glowing skeletons and lacking an exit. Also, he’s made of bugs. That visual alone is enough to completely ruin our sleep for at least a week. (The Nightmare Before Christmas is airing on ABC Family October 19th at 6:25pm/5:25c. We’ll be watching. And most likely screaming.) Scream Scale Rating: HDFGLHDFGLKDFHGLDFHG!!


When the Evil Queen Makes an Especially Gruesome Apple
It’s both a trick and a treat. Way to ruin candy apples for us, Evil Queen. Also she has a dungeon/evil lair with skulls. There are skulls. Scream Scale Rating: AHHH!


When Maleficent Says “A Baaaaaaby”
Our dreams turned to nightmares; we’ve yet to recover. Scream Scale Rating: THISISOURNIGHTMARENOOOOOOOOO!!


When Scar Sings “Be Prepared”
More fire. Again, where it doesn’t belong. And angry lions. And tense music. We’re prepared…for scariness. Scream Scale Rating: AHHHH! NOOO!! AHHHH!


When Jafar Turns into a Giant Snake
We’re scared of regular-sized snakes, so this is just too much. They don’t have feet and that’s a problem for us. So yeah, maybe we cover our eyes during this scene. Maybe it takes us weeks to erase snake Jafar from our every waking thought. Maybe we need to just fast-forward through this part next time. Scream Scale Rating: WHYYYYYYYYYYY!?


When Ursula becomes Giant Ursula and Takes Over the Sea
Her voice drops a couple octaves, she can control the waves: basically our worst-case scenario at sea. She goes from delightfully campy to incredibly terrifying in less than thirty seconds. Scream Scale Rating: YIIIIIIIKES!


When Lady Tremaine’s Reflection Appears in the Mirror
Well we’re never looking into a mirror again. Not only is this startling, it’s super evil. Lady T locks Cinderella in her room, a move that’s both psychologically and emotionally scary. Scream Scale Rating: AHHHH!
Where do these moments rate on your scary scale? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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