Signs You’re Actually Eeyore

Do you have a lot in common with this lovable grump? Find out for yourself:


You’re Not a Morning Person

Eeyore in the morning

When the morning rolls around, you’re just not a happy camper.


You Constantly Lose Things

Eeyore lost his tail

And you lose them over and over and over again.


You Wear Pink

Eeyore by the house

You need it to balance out your gray-ness.


You Grow Attached To Simple Things

Eeyore's attached to his tail

Like a tail… or other things that swirl.


You’re a Good Helper

Eeyore is a good helper

You might be pessimistic about it, but you’re still willing to help a friend in a jam.


You’re Informed

Eeyore breaks the news

When Pooh’s chubby lil’ tubby got stuck in a hole (again), Eeyore was the first to break the news.


You’re a Pessimist

Eeyore is a pessimist

You expect things to take a turn for the worse. Don’t they always?


You Love Kind Gestures

Eeyore's tent of sticks

Eeyore’s tent of sticks got knocked to the ground, but at least he got a “Happy Wednesday” from Pooh. That almost makes up for it.


You’re Unsure

Eeyore's answer to a question

Example: you have trouble predicting how long something will take. This may be due to your pessimistic nature.


You’re Gloomy

Eeyore in the rain

Even during a gathering at Christopher Robin’s house, Eeyore’s excitement went straight out the window and into the rain.


… and you’ve designated a special place to graze in your gloom.

Eeyore's gloomy place

Posted 6 years Ago
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