Fates: What’s the Matter with Everything?

We know that Disney Villains need to get it together. But clearly so do the Fates. They’re wise beyond their (infinite) years and can predict indoor plumbing and all that, but the Fates from Hercules have a few things they might want to address:


One Eye

Hercules The Fates
Five eye sockets. One eye. Many problems.


Hairy Situations

Hercules The Fates


Scissor Problems, Part 1

Hercules The Fates
This seemingly innocuous thread-cutting business is probably really difficult. Again, one eye.


This Probably Hurts:

Fates gif


Spiders for Snot

Hercules The Fates spider
This Fate might be catching more than a cold.


Runaway Eyeball

Hercules The Fates Pain Panic
If they didn’t have a helpful god of the underworld around, how would they find it?


Can’t See Through a False Compliment

Hercules The Fates Hades
Like when Hades says, “My fate is in your lovely hands.” We’re pretty sure he was being figurative here.


Scissor Problems, Part 2

Hercules The Fates scissors
If only this weren’t a life or death situation.


The Fates demand a certain level of respect for their omniscient view of the world (and underworld). But no one’s perfect, the Fates included. They may ask what’s the matter with a faulty pair of scissors, but there are clearly more things amiss than that. They probably already knew that though. Being infinitely knowledgeable means being infinitely self-aware.

Posted 8 years Ago
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