Disney Halloween Party Guest Wish List

THIS IS HALLOWEEN! THIS IS HALLOWEEN! EVERYBODY MAKE A SCENE! Okay, so we’re excited about Halloween. Can you blame us? Candy. Costumes. Scary Movies. More candy. This holiday has it all. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be if our favorite Disney characters could celebrate with us at the ultimate Halloween party. Here’s who we would invite:


We could never have a Halloween party without the God of the Underworld. He’s the life (and death…anyone? anyone?) of the party. Hopefully he’d bring some of that moussaka he’s always talking about.


She has magic that can freeze things. Super handy when we inevitably run out of ice.


Yes, she’d most likely beat us during our annual epic Halloween karaoke competition. But she could call her furry friends to handle clean up after the party. She’s in.


Jack Skellington
You can’t spell Halloween without Jack Skellington! Okay, so technically you can, but he’s the pumpkin king so he’s obviously invited to the party. Bonus: He can take off his head and recite Shakespearean quotations. Un(easy) lies the head (skull) that wears the crown (of Halloween).


He doesn’t talk, so we’re assuming that he’s pretty great at charades. Also he can change colors, so he basically has a built-in Halloween costume! We’re jealous.


The Sanderson Sisters
Even though these ladies are pretty evil, we kind of want to be their friends. They just seem like a fun-loving bunch, well except maybe for Winnifred. Although, we totally want her to sing, “I Put A Spell On You” at the party. So good. So. Good.


Evil Queen
She’d bring a certain level of classiness to the party, which we appreciate. Just don’t eat the apples she’s planning on bringing. DO NOT EAT THE APPLES.


He’s a genie. Why wouldn’t we invite him?


We’ve always wanted to throw one of those new-fangled murder mystery parties. Basil’s a great detective. Done deal. Also, we love his tweed outfit and excellent hat.


Jack Sparrow
He tells great, if sometimes nonsensical, stories and we have a feeling he’d be the life of the party. Saavy?


Every party needs someone who is willing to keep things in line and lay down the law, so to speak. Nana is that dog. She does NOT mess around. And we could probably pay her in dog bones, so, that’s a plus.


Fix-it Felix
If the party gets a little out of hand, Felix could fix any of our prized possessions that may have broken. A plus. Also, he’s a great dancer.


Yes, he’s pure evil. But in an over-the-top, deliciously fun kind of way. Would we stand next to him on a cliff? No. Would we hang out with him at a party? Definitely.


When we’re with a sweep we’re in glad company.


We’d have to order triple the food if Gaston came to the party, but he could help us put up antler decorations and impress our guests by swallowing whole eggs, biting people, and expectorating. On second thought, maybe his invite will get lost in the mail…


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Posted 8 years Ago
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