Rufus: The Most Motivational and Wise Pet Ever

Rufus may not be the focal point of The Rescuers, but he’s clearly the wisdom backbone.


He’s who the mice go to for help when they’re not sure how to find Penny in the first place. And he yawns and stretches (old man cats need to stretch sometimes) and then he tells them the story of Penny and how she’s the best.
Rufus from The Rescuers stretching


He wears spectacles that make him automatically look smarter.
Rufus from The Rescuers being carried by Penny


And he pairs those spectacles with a scarf, thereby solidifying his position as a distinguished gentleman (gentlecat?).
Rufus from The Rescuers with Teddy


But his real wiseness comes through at a particularly dark point in poor little Penny’s life. She’s starting to lose hope that a nice family will come for her. But Rufus, being that he’s the most motivational and wise pet ever, is having none of that. Instead, he offers Penny some words of wisdom.


He has basically the best four word motivational speech ever.
Rufus from the Rescuers comforts Penny


He reminds her that she’s worthy of a wonderful family. (We want you, Penny!)
Rufus from The Rescuers tells Penny she's special


He’s a master at using terms of endearment that only a wise old creature could get away with.
Rufus from The Rescuers says darlin'


He’s able to succinctly tell Penny how much he believes that her life will end happily ever after.
Rufus from The Rescuers bets his whiskers on Penny's happiness


And he has possibly the best extended metaphor we’ve ever heard for what it means to have faith in the potential of things unseen. (Seriously. It’s like poetry. Poetry written by a wise, old feline.)
Rufus from The Rescuers
Rufus from The Rescuers
Rufus from The Rescuers
Rufus from The Rescuers


Consider us heart-warmed. Rufus, from this moment on we’re taking our wiseness lessons from you. Teach us your ways.

Posted 4 years Ago
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