Let’s Take a Tour of the Haunted Mansion Graveyard

Greetings, mortals. We are your hosts, your graveyard hosts. But seriously, the pet cemetery at the Haunted Mansion is so fun, it’s scary (wink wink). We love waiting in this line almost as much as going on the ride itself. So join us for a slightly gothic tour of this ghostly garden, won’t you?


Freddie the Bat
First of all, how considerate of Freddie’s owner to have his epitaph written upside down. But we have a few questions. If Freddie is buried underground, how is he going to read the inscription? Is the stone just a gravemarker? Is Freddie’s ghost really hanging off a tree somewhere? *Shudder*


This Cat and Its Birds
What happened here? We’re assuming the cat may have had a hand in the birds’ demise, but by what macabre means did the cat meow its last meow? Side note: it seems that a spirit of some kind fluttered across the frame of our camera while we were taking this picture! Grim and grinning ghosts socializing, indeed.


This Bunny
We’ve named him Mr. Fluffy and his statue, even though it’s made of stone, is so cute that we want to give it a hug. What’s with the ring separating his grave from the rest of the grass? We’re concerned about this. Is Mr. Fluffy’s ghost trying to dig itself out!? Muahhahaha! (But seriously, RIP Mr. Fluffy).


Rosie the Pig
Did you guys read the inscription? “She was a poor little pig but she bought the farm.” This is a really important moment for animal-owned farms. Let’s acknowledge that. Also, Rosie is seriously old. We have lots of respect for this pig.


Old Flybait the Frog
“He croaked.” So simply put, it’s almost poetic. Also, again with the foreboding circle around the grave. We have a bad feeling that these pets want to reunite with their dearly departed owners!


This Monkey
We feel like the sum of this monkey’s life must’ve been more than the fact that he enjoyed playing the symbols. We wish his grave reflected that.


Fi Fi the Dog
Fi Fi’s grave is shaped like dog bones! What a delight! We’re also enjoying the bows that have been lovingly tied onto some of these graves. Just because you’re dead, doesn’t mean you’ve lost your flair for accessorizing.


This Wall of Pet Graves
Highlights include: “Here lies my snake whose fatal mistake was frightening the gardener who carried a rake” and, “Here lies Long Legged Jeb/ Got tangled up in his very own web.” Two thoughts. 1. Jeb would make a great name for a pet. 2. We’re loving the abundance of rhyming.


Buddy the Dog
“Our friend until the end.” This one is actually making us tear up a bit…moving swiftly on…


This Squirrel
We appreciate that he’s buried near a tree so when the acorns fall and die, his ghost can eat them. These are the important details that the Haunted Mansion does so well.


Lilac the Skunk
“Beloved Lilac Long on Curiosity Short on Common Scents.” Does it get any better than using puns in gravestones!? We think not.


Sadly, our tour must come to an end. But don’t worry, you each get to take the ghost of one of these animals with you. They’ll follow you home! Muahahahaha! Sorry, we got a little carried away. We’re really into Halloween.

Posted 4 years Ago
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