Disney Villains Making Weird Faces

Disney Villains aren’t always terrifying. In the midst of their evil planning they are sure to make a couple weird faces. Maybe it’s a side effect of being so evil.


Governor Ratcliffe
Disney Villains_Governor Ratcliffe
Even Percy is embarrassed for the Governor.


Disney Villains_Yzma
She’s living on the edge. Playing with eyelids is not doctor recommended.


Captain Hook
Disney Villains_Captain Hook
Dazed and confused.


Queen of Hearts
Disney Villains_Queen of Hearts
Red hot temper.


Prince John
Disney Villains_King John
Cry baby.


Lady Tremaine
Disney Villains_Lady Termaine
Lady Tremaine has some not so lady-like facial expressions.


Disney Villains_Gaston
Spitting practice. This definitely wouldn’t have won Belle over.


Cruella de Vil
Disney Villains_Cruella de Vil
There are a lot of angles going on here.


Disney Villains_Scar
Look at those cute cheeks.


Disney Villains_Jafar
His smile, mustache, and chin are all the same shape. Weird.


Don’t be fooled by these silly images… these guys are still rotten as a poisoned apple.

Posted 4 years Ago
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