Dear Childhood Us: Disney Movies Really Taught You Stuff

Dear us (when we were little and rewinding tapes in our VCRs to rewatch our favorite films),


Now that we’re a little older and wiser, we have some things to say to you. There are lessons you don’t realize you’re learning from the characters you love to watch. Allow us to outline them for you.


First, don’t stop believing in magic.
The Blue Fairy wakes up Pinocchio


And don’t be afraid to wish upon a star.
When you wish upon a star


Life will likely present a few challenges along the way. But remember that what you need has a habit of appearing when you least expect it.
Cinderella's fairy godmother appears


And while we’re on the subject of surprises, be open to what comes your way. Don’t be afraid to try new things.
Simba tries some new grub


Or meet new people.
Snow White making friends


Or learn new things.


Or visit new places.
Aladdin and Jasmine seeing a whole new world


Listen to your heart.
Rapunzel and Flynn dancing


And follow your dreams.
Hercules and the sunset


Don’t listen to the naysayers (and there will be naysayers). Just work hard. Really really hard.
Phil achieves his goals


And, while you’re doing all this to the best of your ability, always be yourself.
Lilo being herself


After all, there’s only one you.
Tigger is the only one


Oh, and make sure you have a ton of fun along the way. Make time to play around.
Alice in Wonderland laughs


Never lose your childlike wonder.
Chip being adorable


There’s plenty of time to be an adult, but it’s like Walt said: Adults are just kids grown up, anyway.
Walt Disney by the castle


And one more thing: no matter how many birthdays you’ve celebrated, you’re never too old to watch your favorite Disney movie.
Back in our day Disney castle gif


Us (a little older, a little wiser, and no less obsessed with watching Beauty and the Beast)

Posted 4 years Ago
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