Things That Make Piglet N-N-Nervous

Piglet is one of the most beloved residents of the Hundred Acre Wood, partially because of his tendency to get a little n-n-nervous about the things around him. Sometimes these things are genuinely scary (like Backsons) and sometimes… not so much. Here are some of our favorite examples:


Piglet and the balloon


Piglet and Kanga


Wagons full of unidentified objects.
Piglet and the Wagon


Rabbit surprising him.
Piglet is Scared of Rabbit


Placing Backson traps.
Piglet setting a Backson trap


Piglet in the Beehive


Strange (potentially Backson) sounds.
Piget and friends


Being chosen to get Christopher Robin back from the Backson.
Nervous Piglet


Rabbit’s plans.
Piglet and Eeyore


Everybody falling into a pit.
Piglet and the pit


Being asked to walk somewhere by himself…
Piglet scared


… Especially through the w-w-woods.
Piglet in the forest


Despite all these terrifying occurrences, heroic Piglet usually manages to face his fears and help the team. That’s a whole lot of courage for one tiny pig, don’t you think?

Posted 4 years Ago
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