The Many Faces of Flynn Rider

The smolder is just the tip of the iceberg, guys. Flynn Rider can emote with the best of them. He just has one of those super expressive faces. Flynn can’t help but show us exactly how he’s feeling/thinking–even when maybe we shouldn’t know what he’s feeling/thinking. Intrigued? Let’s take a deep dive into the world of Flynn Rider’s expressions. Sidenote – we’ve named all of his expressions because we think he’d appreciate that.


The Nose Knowledge
Is there anything worse than the palace guards doing a poor sketch job on your “wanted” poster? We think not.


The Discovery
Frying pans, who knew right?


The Underwater
Not inhaling a ton of water, yet still making an expressive face when you’ve just realized Rapunzel has glowing hair, is a nearly impossible task.


The Jokester
Mid-robbery Flynn still has time to joke around. And look at that face. So nonchalant! So smug! Darn it Flynn, if you weren’t so great we’d be annoyed with this.


The Magic Glowing Hair Pt. 1
In which Flynn learns that he doesn’t know as much about the world as he thinks he does. Don’t worry, this only makes us like him more.


The Unconscious Lug
This one really highlights his perfect teeth. Not at all pointy or villainous.


The Imminent Danger
Sure he’s all calm, cool, and collected on the outside. But inside we’re pretty sure he’s screaming like a little girl.


The Eugene
At this point, we’re completely in love with Flynn. We mean Eugene. This guy.


The Uneasy Alliance
These two take the term “frenemy” to a whole new, inter-species level.


The Dreamer
He’s looking at Rapunzel. Our hearts. We can’t. Just stop.


The “I’ve got a Plan”
We can almost see the plan forming on his face. “Take her to the Snuggly Duckling. She’ll want to go home immediately,” he’s thinking. Ah, if he only knew what was in store.


The Fireside Chat
Just two people, falling in love by an open flame.


The Magic Glowing Hair Pt. 2
The-Many-Faces-of-Flynn-Rider---The Magic-Glowing-Hair-Pt.-2
He’s trying so hard to keep it together, but that incredibly expressive face has once again betrayed him.


The Swoon
We’ve gone down a Flynn facial expression rabbit hole and honestly, we don’t ever want it to end.


The Amphibian Surprise
Not the best way to wake up. (Honorable facial expression mention to Pascal.)


We told you Flynn’s face was a palate of expressive perfection. Which look is your favorite?

Posted 8 years Ago
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